Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Healing Up

The boys had their adenoids out and ear tubes put in yesterday. The procedures went well, and the boys did great.
Even though I talked to the boys the night before of what to expect, Brady still acted shocked in pre-op that he was also a patient. He buried his face in me and started to cry out of his big doe-eyes after the doc stopped by to review what each child was having done. He was very unsure of everything, but since Jaxon went first and he could see that Jax had no pain going into the ER, he was a bit more at ease. The 'Versed' drug helps too. :)

Brady had some tummy-issues that caused us to stay a few hours longer than expected when the procedures were done, but by the time we were home and making dinner, Brady ate and was fine! Who knew Brady would be the one with tummy troubles over Jax!

Jax really acted like the whole thing was no big deal. Other than sleeping for an hour after surgery, he really didn't act like much in his day was off. He didn't like the IV removal (that was placed after he was asleep) but otherwise, eh, it was Tuesday to him.

He gets SO giggly on the pre-op drug and says hilarious things. The anesthesiologist came in by us to discuss Brady and said Jax giggled all the way until he was put to sleep and his last words while dosing off were, "I love Brady...". Awe.

So, I guess the boy's adenoids were really big. Brady's were obstructing his passages 100%, oy!
I received a phone call from our pediatrician's office today checking on the boys. The nurse said our doctor received a report from the ENT stating that Brady's adenoids were "4+" in size, which means nothing to me, but apparently shocked our doc! She was glad to know he had them removed.

Odd... why adenoids are a plural word and referred to as 'them' since it's only a singular piece of tissue. Huh.

Anyway, the boys are doing great. Jax is back to eating food by mouth already again today and they've been playing nice all day. They are going back to school tomorrow, and I'll be with volunteering, which is nice that I can keep an eye on them. I pulled Jax from his specialized phy-ed course tomorrow and OT at the hospital on Friday, so he can just take it easy. No core-strengthening until next week!

I'll have the boy's hearing re-testing in a couple weeks to see how they're doing. In the meantime, I'll be interested to see how Brady does in speech therapy tomorrow.

Some light reading before pre-op.

The mood of each boy once in pre-op.

Pretty much the entire scene post-op.

Brady feeling better and requesting seconds for dinner!
PJ-day to rest up today. Jax working on his classroom Valentines.

We're still really struggling with fine motor skills, although his grip and posture of the marker is much better!

I'm pretty sure I've played this game 20 times today...

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