Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ice Dams

What a winter we've had! This past year of extremely high 100+ degree days in the summer and now a very long run of extreme cold and/or hoards of snow has definitely put this year's weather up there with notice.
Well... our master bathroom ceiling was leaking over the past few days, and we realized it was because we have ice dams on the roof. Thanks to our neighbor, we were able to find the area of evil, and blow torch a channel for the water to run down. We have a heat coil up, but obviously it's a little past that point. We plan to install some heat coils up on the roof this summer to stay up permanently, which we can plug in when the cold months start up.
I cleaned the ceiling up with some bleach today, and hopefully it holds well and everything is fine, but Jason plans to go into the attic above that bathroom and replace the insulation and make sure everything is kosher once we get a thaw here.

In other amazing home-owner news, we had a funky smell by our garage door/laundry room. I cleaned everything, sprayed out the garbage and even lit candles. Well... we found out today our extra fridge in the basement (located directly below where we were smelling the funk) had stopped working, and our extra meat in that freezer was rotting.

Yup. I can't make this stuff up.

Now, we plan to get a new fridge in our kitchen at some point, and planned to switch out the basement fridges, but now, we'll just be down to the one fridge to use for quite some time. Any extra money for the house needs to go toward our front yard renovation in just 2-3 short months since a certain husband of mine ripped everything out last fall promising to replace it.

When it rains... well, heck, it FREEZES.

Man on a ladder in the snow. Oy.

Valentines from school!

Jaxon reading Daddy a book from school. He's learning the sight-word 'the'.
Brady helping me make an end-of-Valentines-weekend-cake!

Guess which side Brady sprinkled...

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Matt & Shana said...

Ah yuck!! One of my worst fears here is coming back to a broken meat freezer and rotting food! I'm so sorry!!