Monday, February 10, 2014

Naughty Words, oops!

The boys were back in school today for the first time in almost a week! I must say the healthy run has been nice (knock on wood). They'll have their hearing re-checked and a ENT followup in 2 wks. Hopefully everything worked and they can properly hear - I assume it should all be great.

We received an email from Brady's speech therapist saying that since we worked so much on the letter 'w' while at home (flash cards and YouTube videos) that Brady regressed with his other letters and words pretty badly.
::gut punch::
This disorder feels so impossible sometimes. It feels like we're never doing the correct thing to properly move him forward. Ok, pity party over, but man... it's so hard to just HELP him sometimes.

In an ironic twist of events, Brady was reprimanded at school for the first time for saying "Dang it" twice. Seriously, he said a naughty word clear enough to be understood, LOL. Apparently he came back from speech therapy and he had to choose a play center, but all the passes for 'house keeping' were gone, so he said, "Dang it, I wanted house keeping". The teacher said it was SO cute and it was SO great to understand him, but obviously she had to tell him to choose different words. I guess the speech therapist heard him say 'Dang it' as well.
Well, hmmm, we need to find another term for him to use when he's frustrated I guess! Suggestions?

*And yes, I'm secretly relieved that the naughty word wasn't as bad as it could've been. We're all convinced Brady says really naughty things and we just don't know it yet!

So, we had a nice little sit down with him today to discuss everything and future consequences. He's been a little emotional again lately, so I wonder if it really is working him up to have his schedule thrown off. He's not having outbursts/tantrums/behavioral issues, but he's just 'off' with his emotions lately. It's not intrusive to our lives, but it just makes me realize something is up. Is it that his schedule is off and he's not in therapy and he regresses and he becomes emotional knowing he's not as understood? ALTHOUGH, we have noticed he's approximating a lot more words better for us to understand more, so there is some positive progression happening.

Otherwise, we've been in Valentines-making-mode, which that's all done and in the backpacks (check that off the parent-to-do-list). The boys went to see their cousin play college basketball here in town on Saturday and they got to go bowling on Sunday, so they've definitely gotten out of the house this weekend.

In Jax-news, he's been working hard at eating. I've been keeping a food-diary of everything he eats since we'll be resubmitting to insurance at the end of the month for more therapy. I've got Jax in twice-weekly sessions for this month for a good push. He's been doing pretty good with trying new things. The biggest problem he has is that his bites are TINY (so one slice of banana is like 4 bites to him) and then he pockets food in his cheek and has to really concentrate to swallow it. So that's what we're working hard on. At least he's moving on from only drinking his food during the day to some eating along with drinking his Pediasure. Slow and steady...

Last day home recouping from surgery - movie day!

A little bowling action with the neighbor kids!

Bedtime book about sharks!


Melody said...

My naughty words of choice around children are "Sugar" and "phooey". Those are school friendly, but I also wouldn't have thought that Dang it wouldn't be school friendly. I used to work in a school and I would also teach the kids to say Oh snap! or Aww man! when they got frustrated. Just pick something you like because once they latch on to it, you will hear it a lot and you don't want them to say something you don't like hearing a lot :)

Merks said...

Wow, I wouldn't have thought dang it was considered a bad word. LOL I try to get my kids to say Oh, nuts! Or crudmonkeys. Or Oh man!

Michele said...

How about "aw man!"? Mine says "toot" but I think your school would not approve of that one either. :)

You know, kids often regress in other area when they are working hard on a new thing. Once they master the new thing, the stuff they regressed on comes bounding back. Happens all the time. I bet that's what's going on. Also, my daughter has been very emotional lately too (she's almost the same age as your boys) and when I took her to the dentist last week we got an idea of why - her 5-yr molars are coming in and they are kinda painful. Any chance Brady is working on some new teeth?

Krista Emmons said...

Considering these are YOUR kids, I'm a little shocked it wasn't the f bomb flying out of B's mouth!! Love you:)