Thursday, February 20, 2014

Talking, talking, talking

I was at the boy's school today and Jax's speech therapist approached me saying she thinks he's had a major improvement in speech since the surgery and his 'nasal' sound is diminished. Huh. I agree that his 'language' has gotten better, as in, he's using more mature words, but I don't think we noticed a massive increase in his speech. I think it's hard when you're around someone constantly to notice as much as other people.
So, that would be cool if that's true!

I noticed during Jax's class that he does the same thing at school that he does at home. He's OBSESSED with asking how long things take ("How many minutes??") or asking what we did yesterday, what we're doing tomorrow, or "what's today?".  It's beyond exhausting how many times he repeats these questions! Well, during story time, the teacher asked a question about the book and Jax asked how many minutes it would take to read it. The class aide turned to me and said he's been really obsessive about time frames lately. Oy. Great. I have got to get this kid off this hamster wheel.

I wasn't able to sit in on Brady's speech therapy since his therapist was out sick, but she's been keeping up with us over email, and he had a great week with words. His approximations are definitely better at home, and while others still wouldn't understand him, Jay and I are understanding full sentences with known context.
The boys will have their hearing retested on Tuesday, so that will be nice to put behind us.

We've got the ice dams off the roof, but we've got crazy weather again, so hopefully nothing more happens with any of that. Now to haul the dead fridge out of the basement to recycle...

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