Monday, February 24, 2014


We had a nice quiet weekend, which usually leads into a busy week. Jax is still doing his double feeding therapy sessions, and he's making great progress. He's also doing well with his occupational therapy that he does at the hospital each Friday. If he concentrates and tries very hard, he can ZIP his jacket now, woot!
I found out from Jax's teacher that there is a month-long summer program through our district for kids entering kindergarten in the fall. It works on their preschool academic skills, which is writing along with other things along that line. She said she'd be suggesting it for Jax for sure, so I love to hear of this program! I just need to wait for the details and plans to see how I'll fit it in with the boy's summer therapy plans I'm trying to gather.
Jason is signing the boys up for T-ball for the summer. It will be a nice step up from the 'Blast Ball' they played last year. The boys can hit from a pitched ball, so they definitely need to be done with 'Blast Ball', which is still technically the only sport they could play in our Town-league given their summer birthday, so Jason found a nearby city league he plans to put the boys in. Since Jay is willing to the be the coach, we have more freedom to move them around. We obviously feel more comfortable with Jay coaching given Brady's speech disorder. Easier for him to understand and communicate with the kiddo.

Jay brought the boys to the indoor batting arena on Sunday and Jax was really hitting the balls well. Since he looks much younger than he really is, Jay said another dad mentioned how amazing he was. (Jax looks more like a 3 or 4 yr old around other 5-6 yr olds, so it looks more impressive). I think it's SO interesting how Jax struggles with fine and gross motor skills and requires braces and therapies, and yet... he can hit a pitched ball with a bat. How strange?? Does anyone else have experience with finding things like this for their kids with developmental delays (or Dyspraxia)?

Family Date Night. Brady ordered grilled chicken breasts on sticks and a salad. Mmmkay, those are my fries you see at the bottom. How is he my kid? Although, we do both love donuts and pancakes, so I'll give him that.

(sigh) This shot is from Jason. Jax is multitasking like only a dude knows how...

Brady is patiently waiting for the Lego movie to start on Sunday afternoon. We were VERY early assuming it would be packed. Nope. Just us until the show started.
Finally about to start, it was very cute!

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