Sunday, March 30, 2014

So much CHANGE!

I'm not even sure where to begin!

To start, I'm no longer a 'Stay at Home Mom', because I've re-entered the work world! It all happened so fast, and while it didn't fit our plan of when I'd go back to work, it was just too good of an opportunity to pass up.
Our plan was for me to have one last summer with the boys and all their planned therapies and summer school, while I put my feelers out there for a job to ease into for fall. Well, the word on the street got out that I was considering work again soon (soon meaning 6 months, lol!) and I received an offer on Tuesday from a friend who's company was looking to fill a position. A position that had my name written ALL over it.
I dusted off the old (old, old, omg, so old!) resume and went for it!
I am officially free lancing part time as an 'Operations Administrator' for Gant Meetings, a division of Grant Travel that plans and coordinates all of Mars Corp's global conferences, meetings and travel (yes, the chocolate company!). I will start off by coordinating the planning staff, and then I'll go full time in fall when the boys are in full time school as an official planner.
THIS..IS..HAPPENING! I'm back! And it's the job I've dreamed of. All of that beautiful detail and precise planning to see a large scale event come together all over the world (and some in person!) - music to my ears!

I admit, the sudden change will bring a lot of growing pains for the family for a little while, but we'll get our footing. I was wondering how painful the process was going to be for 're-entering' the field after such a long absence, and the thought of having to tell someone WHY I stepped out so long gave me anxiety. Who wants to tell a sob-story while trying to sell themselves? So it was really great that the hiring manager knew the situation beforehand.

I can't thank my friend Krista (you rock!) enough for the amazing opportunity. And even though she keeps saying she didn't "get me the job", she sure was instrumental on linking me up with an amazing referral to get my foot in the door! Long time friends (we graduated college in the same program) who believe in you are an amazing part of life!

The next huge CHANGE in our family... Jason got a new job! Say what? Yes, this is all happening! It feels like Heavenly intervention since his new position affords me to be able to work, right as a great opportunity came knocking. Jay won't be traveling the way he was for the past five years, so it will be really great to have him around a lot more helping with the kids and the house.

Jay is an Insurance Specialist and working toward becoming a Financial Planner with Mass Mutual. He bleeds sales, as all of you who know of him, so he has remained in his craft, but he also loves the financial end of life. Nothing would please him more than to sit and talk to people about how they can be financially stable, prepared and rewarded!

Between the two of us, we're up each night doing online study materials, training and a lot of schedule-comparing. The stress and anxiety levels fluctuate, but at the end of the day, we're both moving toward being fulfilled with our lives, so it's ALL good! Change is good.. I need to keep repeating this mantra!
My main concern is obviously the boys and all their needs. I'll do my very best to stay on top of everything. eeeeek...
And yes, a call has already been placed for summer help with the kids! I have high expectations  :)

Two little pirates at the Bonin Twin's birthday party. Craig made this map!

Going through the pirate booty with Kelsey!

Mmmm cake.

The big boys pretty much beat each other with their swords for a straight hour.

Jason and Kelsey being goofy!

Jay and Drew goofing around too!
How cute?!

The kids winding down.

Loving birthday presents.

I cleaned out my file cabinet and am moving Jax's first 5 yrs of medical records to the basement file cabinet. My goodness!

The boys went to the Brewer's exhibition game on Saturday afternoon. Aoki's translator gave them a ball!

(sigh) Jax has to wear headphones and listen to this disk as background noise while he's attending to tasks/eating. The OT said it helped him in therapy to focus, so we'll be trying it at home. The school is also trying a few new things as well. More to come on this!

My official shameless plug for Jason! Please let us know if he can be of any help!

Some of the areas where he can be of assistance include:
  Investment analysis - Education funding - Mutual funds - Annuities, 401k rollovers from old jobs - Tax reduction strategies - Asset allocation - Retirement planning - Estate planning - Pension plans - Life Insurance - Long Term Care Insurance - Disability income insurance

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