Sunday, April 6, 2014

A little settling into the lungs

We've had a busy week with some unexpected illnesses go south, and then just our general craziness with all the new things going on in our lives.
First, that nasty runny nose on the boys that started two weeks ago, has finally healed up for them both this weekend, but not before wreaking havoc on Jax last Monday. He started coughing but he seemed to improve. Then he suddenly seemed to go down hill looking really tired with asthma and a fever, which is NEVER a good sign in this kid after a week into a cold. I brought him into urgent care, but they were PACKED with 12 families waiting and a room full of crying/hacking children. I asked the nurse how bad the wait was and she said at least 2 hrs. I asked her to check his pulse ox, and it was 94 (right after 2 neublizers, and his nightly Singulair and Advair). Which told me he wasn't keeping up with asthma and I drove around the building and brought him to the ER instead.
Thankfully, they put him in a room immediately and started working on him, where he then suddenly vomited ALL OVER the place. Poor kid!
They ordered him a chest X-Ray and took good care of him. The X-Ray was clear, but they saw in his history that all of his X-Rays were clear on the first check, and it always lead into pneumonia and a hospital stay. So the docs were all trying to decide if they should treat him regardless of the scan. I told them that since he was stable, I was comfortable taking him home and having his pediatrician check him out and make the decision in the morning.
I left Jax's tummy alone, but kept up with breathing treatments and then hand-syringed in a couple ounces every couple of hours in the morning before we got to the doctor after Brady got on the bus. The doc was concerned about Whopping Cough since Jax would have small coughing fits that would end in vomit, but we all assumed that was because Jax vomits easily with any cold. He was tested nonetheless, and treated for Walking Pneumonia with antibiotics. She thinks he was definitely going to go downhill without treatment. His lungs just couldn't fight off the cold. Which... since it hit Brady so hard with croup, we were on the lookout knowing it was a tough one.
He's doing great and finished with the nebulizer and antibiotics as of today, and hit the last day of school on Thursday, so hopefully the boys can go back on a nice long healthy-run. Spring-time is the worst with colds!

The weather has been great this weekend and we definitely got some fresh air. Jason has been working on 'cleaning out the woods' as the boys say. He's clearing out the overgrowth that's starting to eat up some of our lawn. Our neighbors cleaned out their garage and gave us their 'co-pilot' children's bike that attaches to an adult bike. The boys LOVE it! It's so great to help Jax with his muscle-tone for peddling and of course balance for both. I ordered a second one off Amazon and think it will be fun for the four of us to go biking this year.

**I have SO many great pictures to share, but once again, my computer doesn't want to download them off my phone. Totally frustrating, but I'll work on it!

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