Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Spring break is here, and full of snow. Thank goodness we planned a couple of days for the boys at the YMCA for activities (day-camp).
Jax woke up SO excited about camp today. Jay dropped them off on his way to work and we both had full days to just focus on work! This was their first time gone from home at an activity away from us for an entire day... crazy huh?? Their 4k class is only 3 hours long a few days a week.
I got antsy 20 minutes before their pickup time and went to get them. I surprise myself with how quickly I miss them when all I say each day is that I need more time to myself to get things done!

The boys had a BLAST. Jax didn't stop talking about it all night long and he's so excited that they have another day there on Thursday. The counselors were so great about Jax's eating and gave me notes outlining exactly what he ate for his lunch and snacks. I was so worried about that since he eats every meal at home with us. We did a lot of prepping him in advance that he had to listen to the counselor and eat his food otherwise he couldn't attend camp anymore. They said it took him much longer than the other kids and he was the last one at the table for quite awhile, but he did it... which gives me hope for kindergarten!

The bummer news is that Brady is sick. He had a cough develop over the last couple days and when I picked him up from camp today, he was definitely ill. His nose started to run and he started a temperature. He was so tired at dinner that he asked to go to bed! Poor bean.
We put Jax in the spare room tonight because we have no idea where this cold is going to go on Brady and 'croup' may be in the air again tonight with the way he was coughing. UGH.
Jax always follows a few days later too, so I'm not happy at all to see this pop up again. I haaaate spring and all the nasty colds it brings!
And of course, I feel guilty now having Brady at a day-long camp while he felt lousy. Mommy-guilt is the worst!
If Jax gets sick and is unable to attend camp on Thursday, I think he may implode from disappointment, so please, pray for this child, lol!

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