Sunday, April 27, 2014

Fingers Crossed!

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you plan to do something, and then each night you realize you're a bit too busy and you'll "do it tomorrow"? Yup, that was me wanting to get to this blog since Thursday!

The boys went back to school after the long spring break. Brady finally ended his awful cough when Jax started up. I was hopeful that we MIGHT actually not pass a cold from child-to-child for once, but no...
Of course, Jax's asthma blew up and he had to stay home from school and see the doctor. UUUGH. But, after one really bad night, he actually bounced back nicely and quicker than Brady. He only has a slight cough now and will definitely be back at school on Monday.

I spent the entire week working on Brady's grant. I had originally planned to fax the application and required documents and email the video and pictures, but by Thursday I realized I had already had 56 pages and was expecting documents from his speech therapist the next day to include. So we ended up express shipping everything by mail on Friday afternoon. I created a video showing Brady at Christmas time talking about his presents and singing a song (I think I posted here on the blog back then) and then I also did an 'interview' with him this week to include. It's amazing how shy and silly he gets when he feels put on the spot to talk. His confidence plummeted compared to the video where I 'caught' him telling me a story.

So... everyone CROSS their fingers please!!

I'm waiting for Jax's insurance denial to come back from his feeding therapy. Jason's HR department seems interested in helping us to appeal. They tried to already contact the insurance company, but the insurance company was a bit harsh with their annoyance that there hasn't been a denial yet, so there's no discussion to have. And also 'they don't cover that service' so they don't understand the point of the conversation it seems. Ahh, lovely.
It's very confusing because our therapist put in a "request for services", which was not even considered. But since Jax had some therapy earlier in the month (when this insurance began), they will get a "claim", which, will obviously be denied when they receive it this week. Once that denial is in place, we can that start our appeal process. I guess.

Enough about all that.

Brady's teacher called me Friday evening to tell me of a situation that happened in the classroom. He picked the tag of what area he wanted to play in after he was complete with his work. He went to his teacher and tried to tell her something, but she couldn't understand him, even after many attempts. He walked away and she got busy with something else. She looked over and saw him in his play area (literacy area) crying his little eyes out on the couch. She felt awful and sat with him as he sobbed in her arms. She finally found out that he was trying to tell her that no one else had a tag from the literacy area, so he wanted to pick something else so he wasn't playing alone. Poor guy. She said she offered for him to go elsewhere, but he wanted to stay there, so she was sure to stay with him. They drew a picture and he drew a sad face. (break my heart, seriously) so she drew clowns and pretended to be one. He seemed fine then.
I spoke to Brady that night and confirmed to him that his teachers (and we) can't always understand him, but we all ALWAYS care.  He seemed to like the fact that she called to talk about it. Me too!

This week we have "Kindergarten Preview Night" where we'll see the boys new school. The boys will see the classrooms and we'll have a parent-meeting. I like that we'll see all this and even meet some of the other parents. The boys have their kindergarten-IEPs coming up the following week, so we'll really have a full plan in place soon. I love organization!

Jason takes 1 of 2 big exams this week as well. He's been studying non-stop for what seems like forever. So please cross your fingers for that one too!

Jax all excited to be eating some Easter chocolate!

Brady is a vacuum when given cupcakes.

Jax got so sick one night.

The grant - come on, no whammies!!

Brady with Papa.

Some outside play time this weekend.


Matt & Shana said...

Fingers crossed for the grant!!

Wendy said...

Oh, Annie! Just thinking of sweet Brady trying so hard to tell his teacher and being so sad when she didn't understand- that just rips right through you. I'm so glad she talked with him again and sat and colored with him- what a sweet lady. I'm glad Jax wasn't down for very long! Best wishes getting your grant <3