Monday, May 19, 2014

Back Home


We are all back home together and everyone is doing well. I was able to stay connected to the boys while away for work, and while Jax did have some asthma with a cold, everything turned out fine. No emergencies :) Toronto is such a beautiful city. It reminds me of a very clean Chicago, except all the buildings match. They look like they're all made out of glass. Interesting how they were able to keep it so uniform.

One thing I noticed from the boys after coming home was that Jax talkes A LOT, and Brady's speech was just a hair clearer for me to understand him more. Jax has to ask 10 questions about every single step we make throughout the day. It's exhausting and I can't help but wonder if he was like that before I left, LOL!

We had a nice weekend catching up on household things and just all around hanging out together. We have a nice little week planned. We are taking the boys to a soup kitchen on Wednesday night to donate our family-time (my friend Krista's family runs one out of their church and we think it's a great time to start with the boys) and Jason has an 'Open House Party' at his office for local family and friends to attend on Thursday. I'm not sure who can all even come on a week-night, but it will be nice to throw him some more support with his new career.

We're looking forward to the holiday weekend for some more family time to relax and get the house ready for summer. Fingers crossed the weather forecast is correct with the sunshine coming!

The boys and I just before I flew out Saturday morning.

Brady is definitely my little smoocher.

One of the scenes out of my hotel room. Lake Ontario, so pretty!

On the way to the airport I saw this super high skywalk and thought it was cool.
I have so many amazing photos from my week in Toronto, but I'm not able to publish many photos I have given that it's a corporate Mars' Conference. I'm not about to step on any 'rights'! But here's one I think is safe :)

We took the boys to the outlet mall for a little summer-wardrobe refreshing, and they couldn't resist this thing. Hmm, I'm thinking this is their last year for a ride of this size...

Jason had a game on Sunday afternoon.

Running the bases after the game.

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