Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Brady's IEP

I have a few updates to report and am trying to not lump 10 things all together in a book-sized report like I have been doing, so I better report on Brady before Jax's meeting on Friday!

We had Brady's IEP meeting early this morning. Eight of us met to discuss his progress in 4k and what his plan is for kindergarten. It was so great to meet his teacher and speech therapist for next year, they seem fabulous, whew!

Nothing in the meeting was surprising, so that makes it a great meeting :)
Brady will no longer receive "special ed" since he has tested at standard level or above for all academic needs. His speech disability proves to be a pretty big road block, but it was nice listening to the current teacher and therapist brainstorm with the future teacher and therapist on ways to make it as easy for Brady and the other kids to communicate. It's obvious that Brady won't be able to just start speaking clear sentences anytime soon, so to support him while he is working on that, they will let him use the same iPad he has at his current school since he's used to that program. They'll add memory to the computer so we can add on more kindergarten items.
So, this is a big change going into kindergarten. Just because Brady has a 'special need', he doesn't necessarily need 'special ed' since he's currently learning and performing at the same level as typical-developed children. We just need to address his 'special need' so he can continue the way he is. All good.

Brady's kindergarten speech therapist will be with him for the first part of class each day for the entire first semester to help integrate the new kids with Brady and the way he communicates. We love this idea.
He'll be pulled out every day for private one-on-one therapy sessions, but then also be observed in the classroom a certain amount of time each week.
The classroom aides will be in the lunch room and the playground for him to have as adult references who will be familiar with his communication (sooner or later they will be :))

The staff knows we're concerned for Brady's social interaction and making friends, especially after kindergarten when kids start to get 'judgy', so our goal is for him to form friendships NOW and then they'll be sure to always put the kids that Brady becomes friends with in his class moving forward onto 1st, 2nd grades etc.
How great is that??
They love how his emerging writing and reading skills are coming along and will soon add a 'white board' app to his iPad so he can WRITE what he's trying to say.

His IEP goal for the end of kindergarten is to be able to say 5 word sentences. That's a tall order, but hey, let's try, right?

Brady's test score for speech still show that he's in the 'less than 4%', which is technically up since it was in the 'less than 1%' for the past couple years. Hey, a win is a win.

The boys will be on a 'big-boy-bus' with other elementary kids most likely next year, but they assured me that the kindergarteners all sit in the front 2 rows up by the driver. At least Jax is along and will report anything and everything that goes on, so I feel ok about that.

Brady at the birthday party last weekend

Jax being funny.

Jax taking care of business.

Brady was DYING to get his face painted! Jax is still not letting a paint brush near his face... (I love Brady's one blue eye and one brown eye!)

Birthday kids!

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