Friday, May 9, 2014

Jax's IEP and Adios!

We had Jax's IEP bright and early before school started this morning. We met with 8 (or 9?) people, so it was a LARGE round table of people all talking about Jax.

The meeting went well, and we could've talked for another 20 minutes if we had the chance and time to do so, but at 90 minutes into it, the school bell was ringing and everyone had to scatter. His IEP isn't complete, but they wanted to have a conversation with us and discuss a few things to figure out and put into it. We're expecting a final version next week, which I'll have to review via email while I'm gone.

The first thing they wanted to discuss was our medical concerns for Jax in full-day kindergarten. We covered his asthma-needs and eating. I'll be sent a medical form in advance this summer so I can have our pediatrician fill it out during his physical in July. We're trying to decide if we'll have a nebulizer in the nurses office or just an inhaler. As of now, Jax gets nebulizer treatments every 4 hours if he gets a cold. It's always worked out that we would give one just before going on the bus and he'd come home in time for his next one and just have an inhaler on-hand with the nurse. Well, with being gone all day, we may just try the inhaler first and see how that goes first.
As for Jax's eating, they'll have an aide help him along each day and hopefully that will work out. I'm still waiting to see how that's written out. I'm not sure how we'll handle eating when he's sick, but not too sick to stay home. With a bad cold now, he'll need to be tube-fed for a day or so, but again, it's all timed around his 3-hr class. The school said they can accommodate tube-feedings, but ehhh, I don't know. I have to think about that for a bit and see how he's doing next fall.

Otherwise, Jax has progressed SO nicely and is either at or above every level of academics, so we're so proud of how far he's come! He will no longer have specialized phy-ed, even though he didn't quite hit his goal for this year, he is still considered at the correct level as his peers. The phy-ed teacher will let me know if he/she thinks Jax should be re-evaluated if he starts to show weakness, balance or other physical issues. We're going to stop using his braces now and see how he does as well. We want to see if there's a change his walking gait over the next two months and re-assess at his 6 yr old physical in July. (SMILEY FACE)

Jax will continue speech therapy, with new goals set. He'll also continue to get support for his issues with sustained attention, task completion and independence with tasks. So, while he has no behavior problems, he still does have difficulty focusing and sustaining his attention. Mainly on tasks that either don't interest him (writing and drawing) or if he feels that he's being pulled away from something fun or more interesting (be taken out of groups for therapies or testing).

It seemed like they all felt that Jax didn't have much of a large fine motor delay as much as he has a minor fine motor delay mixed with ZERO desire to things such as writing, drawing or art, so he really has a hard time attending to the activity. The team spoke at length about ways to help the situation, which I won't bore you with all the ideas, but the special-ed teacher will monitor Jax and give the kindergarten teacher and aide ways to help in specific situations that she'll observe. So, I 'think' Jax will be observed by the special ed program and not actually get any specific instruction anymore pulled out of class. We'll see how that goes, but it seems like progress along with continued support. I know they discussed giving him more time and the ability to be work on things in a quiet/non-distracting environment, but I would think that would upset him, so we'll see how it all goes.

We feel good knowing there are a lot of eyes on him and everyone showed great care and concern for his success. They adore that little elf, and just really want to see him succeed. We'll definitely keep the boys in this school district for kindergarten and possibly the first few elementary years since they are so well supported.

Tonight we had dinner out to celebrate Jay's birthday, which is tomorrow (Saturday), since I'll be leaving for Canada bright and early. The boys really enjoyed dinner out and coming home to gifts and cake! They insisted on candles and singing, I just love this age!

I'll be really missing these guys while I'm gone from home. Thank goodness for face time!!

There was a photo booth at the restaurant. The boys chose a birthday theme for Daddy...

The boys 'helping' with gifts!

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Laura Smith said...

I worry because my little girl has issues with attention too. I don't really think hers has to do with non interest though, so we'll see how it plays out. So glad to hear you are happy with the plan.