Friday, May 23, 2014

Little Loose

We've had a great week, and we're really ready to kick off summer with the holiday weekend.

The boys had an amazing time at the soup kitchen on Wednesday night. Their job was to hold up and announce table numbers. Jax mastered the microphone and made many people smile with his 'ballgame' type of announcements. We think we'll definitely be going back each month when we can!

The boys had a dentist appointment today and Jax no longer requires to be in the 'special' room. He allows all the necessary tools in his mouth and doesn't gag and vomit :) I was able to drink a cup of coffee in the waiting room and review work-emails in blissful silence!
Jax has one slightly loose tooth on the bottom, but none for Brady. They said his tooth could be loose for a very long time before it becomes wiggly and ready to come out. Boy's teeth takes a lot longer to fall out vs girls, which is fine by me since I just loooove their tiny perfect baby teeth! And not to mention with all the speech and eating issues, I think keeping their mouths the same as long as possible would benefit them.
I know I already had 3 teeth out by this point the boys are at, so it's definitely true it takes boys longer, on average. Their 6 year old molars aren't bulging yet either, so we'll see where they are in November with their next check up.

We had Jason'd open house at his office last night. The boys were in true form with running around, dinging bells and charming those around us. They kept all the other kids busy, so everyone just kind of left them do what they wanted. Ha~

We're off to feeding therapy and then we'll be meeting Jason to head to a local flower nursery. Time to stock up on annuals to plant this weekend!

We plan to be outside a lot this weekend. Maybe our Wisconsin-tans will start to fade :) 

Isn't this how everyone watches morning cartoons?

Two peas in a pod!

Running around the new landscaped area.

Looking good Jason and Krista!
The boys keeping busy during clean up.

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