Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Full Swing!

We are in full swing of summer!
Jax had his 6 month GI specialist followup and he's maintaining with only a slight gain. The team wants to see him increase his calorie intake with all the extra summer-activities and calorie burner he's doing, so I may start adding oil to some things. Otherwise, they all agreed that we need to try the drug Cyproheptadine again. It's technically an antihistamine, but it's also used as a hunger stimulant. It didn't work well on Jax when he was younger because his tummy was too much of a mess. But it's time to try again!
The hardest part is getting the dosage right so it doesn't make him sleepy (it's like Benadryl) but he should also acclimate to it.
He started it on Monday and the only thing I noticed so far was after the T-Ball game tonight, he reached for juice and crackers and ate the crackers in the car without us even asking. That has never EVER happened before. And by 'ate the crackers', I mean he ate 2-3 of them.
We'll see if it was a coincidence soon enough.

So, we had some major storms last night and lost power for almost 24 hrs. That is NOT fun on a VERY hot day! I went to a coffee shop to plug in my iPad to work and the babysitter took the boys to Monkey Joes to play. Thankfully the power came on just in time to make dinner and get the boys to their game.
Which, they LOVED.
Jax was the crowd-favorite with his intense excitement and yelling to every player what they should be doing. He jumped up and down while manning first base at every single play. He even tried sliding to some of the bases. Oh my gosh... you could just bottle up his happiness tonight! Brady was HILARIOUS playing short stop. Every time the ball was hit out, he ran forward right past the ball. That kid is so cute I can't stand it sometimes.
They sure are some little sluggars. We were surprised they did so well with the T, since they prefer a pitched ball. I think they'll really love this league for the summer.

We have a busy end of week ahead of us with the soup kitchen, a wedding and our interim sitter suddenly going into premature labor tonight, eek! Never a dull moment around here. Hopefully everything is ok!
Work is going well for both Jason and I. He's still studying hard and kicking off his business pretty well. I'm working more and more hours and although slightly insane, pretty happy with the position! The boys start summer school next week, which should help regulate the schedule a little bit! But otherwise, they are loving their free-play-time in the yard. Running through sprinklers, playing any kind of ball, riding bikes, using sidewalk chalk, going on swingsets, running around with sticks :) Yup, summer is in full swing!

Here is Jax chatting up a 6 yr old boy at the barber shop. He asked the best questions! "So, do you have toys in your basement? Do you have a brother? Do you like baseball? I'm almost 6 too, that's very awesome."

Loving the moose at our neighborhood bar and grill.

Jason with the neighbor-guys getting their group Father's Day gift.

Isn't this baby PRECIOUS?! We stopped by a birthday party Saturday afternoon to soak up her cuteness.

The gift - a batting cage!

The boys all love it!

Coach Jay sorting everyone out at t-ball.

Jax on 3rd ready to run to home.

Gorgeous skies at the fields.

First real t-ball game!

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