Friday, June 20, 2014

It seems to actually be working...

Just a quick update...

Jaxon seems to be doing well on the drug, Cyproheptadine. We could tell that it made him a bit tired and cranky the first two days, but by the third day, we noticed he was making the effort at each meal to pick up his own food and take his own bites. He is on day 5 of the drug now and he eats about half of his meal on his own before we have to intervene.
Now, this is a major fete for us, but half of his 'chewing' food isn't very much since 50% of his meal is still drinking Pediasure. But it's a BIG start for him!
It will take some experimentation with the dosage since children acclimate to the drug and the affects of hunger wear off, so we'll do 2 weeks on and off at a time, possibly only 1 week off in between if he regresses. We shall see!

The hope is that this drug induces hunger often enough that he'll of course intake more food and do some much needed gaining, but in the long run, hopefully, it teaches him that eating a nice big meal makes you FEEL better and it becomes a habit that the rest of us enjoy.

I just thought I'd throw this out there to anyone who is interested in our experience and considering it for their tube-dependent child!

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Momma Bird said...

That is so great! How excited you guys must have felt to see him start "eating" that much and initiating it! So happy for you guys!