Wednesday, June 25, 2014


We got it!
Brady received the summer PROMPT-therapy grant, yeah! I felt like we won the mini-lottery when I checked the mail on Monday!
We're in the process of trying to get it all scheduled out. It's difficult because the boys have summer school until noon each day for the next couple of weeks and then the therapist also told us she only works 2 days a week during the summer. Oy, this is going to be tough.
She is calling the grant provider (Small Steps in Speech) to see if they'd allow her associate who is also PROMPT-trained to do 1 session a week with Brady since we want him getting 3 sessions a week.
Brady has speech 3x/week right now while in summer school (the boys are in a kindergarten-prep class), but that speech is to help him maintain his current skills. The PROMPT is a whole new way of therapy that will hopefully progress him forward a little bit. They physically move the mouth to help with motor-planning. Here is a bit about it if you're interested - PROMPT.

I also FINALLY got Jax's hGH medication figured out. It took a few more phone calls to the drug manufacturer, but they represented me by calling the pharmacy and sorting it all out. I gave them my bank account info under the promise of not touching the money until I've signed for the drugs at my door step. It all worked out thankfully.
Just when I thought I could breathe a bit from all the insurance, drug company and therapy debacles, I received a letter from our insurance stating all the charges that were coming from Jax's feeding therapy. Say WHAT?! I fought so hard for 10 covered sessions! At $120 each, I wasn't expecting 6 sessions to be charged to us next week. I know we have to pay 30% when something is 'covered', but not 100!
Alas, I had more phone calls to make.
Well, it turned out they applied the feeding sessions under BRADY'S name instead of Jax's. The insurance rep told me it must've happened out of error since they have the same birth date, but Brady's name is alpha. I told the lady she gave me a heart attack, lol!

The boys are really ramping up for their birthday party just a bit over 2 weeks away. They've chosen to have a Lego-Party. Since we're gone next weekend and I just found out I'll be in Nashville, TN for a few days the week of their party, I realized I need to get the details done/ordered/set pretty quick here.
Now, I love the fact that their birthday is in the middle of summer for outdoor parties, but I'll admit my head is in 10 different places this month trying to keep it all straight!

Work is still great for Jay and I, but it's definitely still a tough transition time with the boys having summer school for specific days at a far off school with no bus, and now specialized speech therapy for 2-3 days in another town and Jax's feeding therapy in another town and there's the t-ball games and then we wanted the boys in swimming during August.
Well, we have a summer sitter to help, but even taking the time to figure out who will pick who up where and we'll meet here and blah blah blah... I think most parents can relate!!! These are all really great things that make me SO happy to see the boys in knowing they'll help them so much more in the future, so we just have to forge through.  I keep thinking how FAST summer flies by and the boys will be in full-time kindergarten soon enough where everything will s.l.o.w.d.o.w.n. with them and I can just be crazy with work a bit more :)

I'd also like the boys to find some time each day to just be boys outside with sticks and sprinklers and slides, oh my, lol, you're all welcome for that.

Me with Grandpa at my cousin's wedding last week.

Nana and the boys.

Jay teaching Brady how to stand with a cocktail.

Santina and her men.

Brady kickin' it in the pool.

Jax willingly eating a granola bar after swimming. He almost ate the entire thing over a 25 minute period - this is a FIRST! Brady did a photo bomb!

I saw this online and loved it so much that I grabbed the image to share!


Matt & Shana said...

I loved that shirt when I say it in your FB feed. Brady needs that :)

Laura Smith said...

So awesome! I'm definitely turning in my application for small steps in speech before the next due date. That is fantastic news!