Sunday, July 27, 2014

6 yr old Physicals

The boys had their 6 yr old physicals on Friday and it was a great appointment to touch base with the doc about everything. She's happy with the boy's IEP plans for kindergarten and wants to really keep track of the 'focus issues' that continue to present as a topic from the teachers. Even the end-of-summer-school reports made mention of the 'slowing down and focus' issue, but the rest of the reports were all very positive and showed the boys to be ready academically for kindergarten.

The doc was a bit concerned over Jax's recent fall at the zoo and not having his braces anymore, but I think and the babysitter thinks that he stumbled on a step while looking back at animals. We'll definitely have the new phy-ed teacher watch his walking gate and balance though.

Brady's mastocytoma was measured, so we still have our eye on that. Poor B has a number of warts on his fingers that the doc said needed to be treated. So, we'll start with over the counter remedies first and see how that goes. Jax has one large one that she said we could leave alone, but since we're treating Brady, we may as well treat both.

Otherwise, the boy's growth is coming along nicely. The doc said she can definitely tell Jax's hGH has helped his growth. Brady has remained on his curve and came up a bit on height for percentage. He is 43.5" tall (10-15%) and about 36lbs (3%). As you all know, Jax isn't on the charts yet, but he definitely will be if he continues at his current rate-of-growth.

We headed north to Jay's home town on Saturday for his annual softball tournament. The boys had a blast running non-stop around the park with their cousins.
Back home and back to another week packed-full of busy-ness. I'm having a little trouble keeping up with all the summer activities each weekend and all the added work at this particular time. I'm trying to keep it all going! :)

I'm sorry for no photos! I need to restart my computer to get the photos off my camera (don't ask me why my iPhoto does this sometimes) so I'll add them onto the next post!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Right in the kisser

Poor Jax took a big digger last week. He and Brady were at the zoo with their babysitter and he tripped on a step and fell into a bolt that was holding a large pole for the skytram. It went directly into his cheek requiring 7 stitches. I was called by the sitter who was definitely shook up trying to figure out with me if she should let the zoo call an ambulance. I asked if they got the bleeding to stop and if she and Jax were ok to be in the 5 minute car ride to the ER. She responded yes to all of it, so I said I'd meet her at the hospital.
Jax was a trooper. When asked by the nurse how he was, he responded, "I'm a brave baseball player". I mean... melt me!

They numbed him up and got the stitches in. Our neighbor (a doctor) removed them Sunday night when we realized one of the stitches was becoming past it's expiration date, so he laid Jax on the couch and cut them off, this kid deserves some sort of metal of bravery. His cheek is looking much better and we've switched from Neosporin to Mederma w/ SPF in it already. I'm sure we'll always see a mark there, but we'll work really hard at making it the best it can. I hate for Jax to be "the twin with the scar", with how people tell them apart.

The boys had a great weekend with Jason. I had a (much needed) girl's weekend away for a bachelorette party nearby and Jay took the boys boating with a neighbor Friday night, to the Waukesha County Fair Saturday with some friends and then back to the zoo on Sunday morning so he could see the scene of the crime. We will definitely be contacting the zoo about possibly making the area safer. The babysitter said a sheriff took her statement and my info off of Jax's med-bracelet and then complimented her about the boy's bracelets. They knew immediately that Jax had a feeding tube, asthma and my name and number. Done! They've officially become useful.
Oh, and when I returned Sunday, we went back to the fair in the afternoon for the boys to see an alligator show and a car show. Busy and fun weekend for the little men!

Jax had his 6 month Endocrin followup today. He is 41.25" and 32.7 lbs. That's about 1.75" and 2.5 lbs more in 6 months, not too bad! Jay and I measure the boys on their height chart in their room the night of their birthday each year and there is a big difference in Jax from the age of 5 to 6 vs 4 to 5. His injections are definitely working. He is still not about to hit the weight/height chart or anything yet, but his rate of growth has sped up, so he has the chance to be a 'normal short' some day if it continues to work. It definitely helps to make it all seem worth it when you see the hard facts. By just 'looking' at him, he doesn't seem to be much bigger when compared to peers of the same age, but the numbers this year are a bigger leap than any year prior. The doc also said it may be helping his injury heal faster too. When asking about the cut on his face, she was surprised it happened 6 days ago and how well it already looked.

The boys are in their last week of pre-kindergarten summer school. Brady is doing SO well in his summer speech program. I'm so proud of him and am loving all the new approximations he's making. He's working so hard and giving up a lot of his summer, but he's seems ok with it. Both the boys have their 6 year physical on Friday, and then it's just the final countdown of SUMMER. I'm excited for them to free up some more hours in the day to just run around the yard.

Ouch, poor buddy. Here he has numbing cream and tape holding it together before stitches.

A woman with an iPad came and kept Jax busy during the procedure, she was great!

Ready for school the next day. His sweetness and positive attitude keeps me going some days.

The night we took the stitches out - day 5 of the injury.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday!

Yup... they're SIX. The years are just flying by on us and they've become actual people. :)
The boys are doing well. Jax will have his growth checked by the Endocrinologist next week and both boys have their 6 yr physicals a week from Friday. We need to check up a few things on them each, but otherwise, I'm feeling pretty confident there won't be specialist-referrals out of this one, woot!
I have tons of photos to share, so enjoy! And there's even a couple videos at the end that show how PROMPT therapy works for Brady, he has something new to say to you all :)

Family picnic at Uncle Jim's house on Sunday. Grandpa turned 81 the same day the boys turned 6.

Dinner tonight on their actual birthday

Brady looooves Hibachi stir fry!

All the fun presents to try out this week!
Here is Brady being shown HOW to say sounds by physically cuing his mouth.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Happy July

Heeeellloooo! It's been way too long, so I'll condense the info down so I don't ramble. Like I usually do!
July is so full of activities and always our busiest month, so I'm just gonna say 'Happy July' in general! The boys are loving t-ball, summer school, their babysitter and all the fun weekends.

Brady started his specialized 'PROMPT' speech therapy through his grant today. We all met with the paperwork and I made introductions to the sitter since she's going to be doing some of the driving. Brady is going three times a week, which makes things a bit hectic until summer school is over in a couple weeks.
Jax started his hunger-inducing medication back up today, so we're hoping that helps with his appetite again. I'm not sure if one week off of it will be enough time, but it would be nice if it were since his hunger has slid down a bit being off of it. We did notice that he did gain some nice habits from when he was on the medication. He just tends to slow way down after the few bites and we have to basically spoon-feed him until we give up and have him drink a cup of Pediasure.

We're in birthday-countdown-mode in the house. The boys are just BEAMING with excitement for their party this Saturday. We have a family picnic back home on Sunday, so the weekend will be jam-packed!

Here are photos from the past weekend! (And totally out of order!)

The Garber girls and the boys loving the boat up at the Garber Cottage.

Brady and Winston. The boys call him their 'cottage dog'.

Jax Man

Macy and Brady enjoying some cupcakes.

Macy and her Fairy Godmother.. me :)

Big B

Those little gopher heads are the boys

Yearly family boat shot

Sidney and I showing our kids that moms are cool too.

All the kids facing forward and smiling - it's a miracle!

The boy's t-ball team

A family game of baseball at Nana and Papa's house. Uncle Clint, Aunt Christa and the kids were in town.


Anesah is a great sport dealing with all these little goons!

Jason and the boys walking the fields at Uncle Joe's horse farm.

The boys riding with Father Dick in the tractor while Joe and Jason hang in the back

I think this photo is just hilarious. Miami Vice keeping watch over the trouble makers in the tractor!

Nana Letts and Uncle Clint digging for eggs.

Aidan and the boys checking out the horse stables.

We headed over to the cow farm.


Fishing off the docks

We asked the kids to sit and smile...

Jason and Scott tubing.

Jason and Scott fishing after the kids went to bed. They came home with this photo!