Sunday, July 27, 2014

6 yr old Physicals

The boys had their 6 yr old physicals on Friday and it was a great appointment to touch base with the doc about everything. She's happy with the boy's IEP plans for kindergarten and wants to really keep track of the 'focus issues' that continue to present as a topic from the teachers. Even the end-of-summer-school reports made mention of the 'slowing down and focus' issue, but the rest of the reports were all very positive and showed the boys to be ready academically for kindergarten.

The doc was a bit concerned over Jax's recent fall at the zoo and not having his braces anymore, but I think and the babysitter thinks that he stumbled on a step while looking back at animals. We'll definitely have the new phy-ed teacher watch his walking gate and balance though.

Brady's mastocytoma was measured, so we still have our eye on that. Poor B has a number of warts on his fingers that the doc said needed to be treated. So, we'll start with over the counter remedies first and see how that goes. Jax has one large one that she said we could leave alone, but since we're treating Brady, we may as well treat both.

Otherwise, the boy's growth is coming along nicely. The doc said she can definitely tell Jax's hGH has helped his growth. Brady has remained on his curve and came up a bit on height for percentage. He is 43.5" tall (10-15%) and about 36lbs (3%). As you all know, Jax isn't on the charts yet, but he definitely will be if he continues at his current rate-of-growth.

We headed north to Jay's home town on Saturday for his annual softball tournament. The boys had a blast running non-stop around the park with their cousins.
Back home and back to another week packed-full of busy-ness. I'm having a little trouble keeping up with all the summer activities each weekend and all the added work at this particular time. I'm trying to keep it all going! :)

I'm sorry for no photos! I need to restart my computer to get the photos off my camera (don't ask me why my iPhoto does this sometimes) so I'll add them onto the next post!

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