Monday, July 14, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday!

Yup... they're SIX. The years are just flying by on us and they've become actual people. :)
The boys are doing well. Jax will have his growth checked by the Endocrinologist next week and both boys have their 6 yr physicals a week from Friday. We need to check up a few things on them each, but otherwise, I'm feeling pretty confident there won't be specialist-referrals out of this one, woot!
I have tons of photos to share, so enjoy! And there's even a couple videos at the end that show how PROMPT therapy works for Brady, he has something new to say to you all :)

Family picnic at Uncle Jim's house on Sunday. Grandpa turned 81 the same day the boys turned 6.

Dinner tonight on their actual birthday

Brady looooves Hibachi stir fry!

All the fun presents to try out this week!
Here is Brady being shown HOW to say sounds by physically cuing his mouth.

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