Monday, July 7, 2014

Happy July

Heeeellloooo! It's been way too long, so I'll condense the info down so I don't ramble. Like I usually do!
July is so full of activities and always our busiest month, so I'm just gonna say 'Happy July' in general! The boys are loving t-ball, summer school, their babysitter and all the fun weekends.

Brady started his specialized 'PROMPT' speech therapy through his grant today. We all met with the paperwork and I made introductions to the sitter since she's going to be doing some of the driving. Brady is going three times a week, which makes things a bit hectic until summer school is over in a couple weeks.
Jax started his hunger-inducing medication back up today, so we're hoping that helps with his appetite again. I'm not sure if one week off of it will be enough time, but it would be nice if it were since his hunger has slid down a bit being off of it. We did notice that he did gain some nice habits from when he was on the medication. He just tends to slow way down after the few bites and we have to basically spoon-feed him until we give up and have him drink a cup of Pediasure.

We're in birthday-countdown-mode in the house. The boys are just BEAMING with excitement for their party this Saturday. We have a family picnic back home on Sunday, so the weekend will be jam-packed!

Here are photos from the past weekend! (And totally out of order!)

The Garber girls and the boys loving the boat up at the Garber Cottage.

Brady and Winston. The boys call him their 'cottage dog'.

Jax Man

Macy and Brady enjoying some cupcakes.

Macy and her Fairy Godmother.. me :)

Big B

Those little gopher heads are the boys

Yearly family boat shot

Sidney and I showing our kids that moms are cool too.

All the kids facing forward and smiling - it's a miracle!

The boy's t-ball team

A family game of baseball at Nana and Papa's house. Uncle Clint, Aunt Christa and the kids were in town.


Anesah is a great sport dealing with all these little goons!

Jason and the boys walking the fields at Uncle Joe's horse farm.

The boys riding with Father Dick in the tractor while Joe and Jason hang in the back

I think this photo is just hilarious. Miami Vice keeping watch over the trouble makers in the tractor!

Nana Letts and Uncle Clint digging for eggs.

Aidan and the boys checking out the horse stables.

We headed over to the cow farm.


Fishing off the docks

We asked the kids to sit and smile...

Jason and Scott tubing.

Jason and Scott fishing after the kids went to bed. They came home with this photo!

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