Thursday, August 28, 2014

Final Plans

The boys have dropped off their school supplies and toured their classrooms one last time. They're both excited to have a class pet. One was a guinea pig and the other was a smaller type of rodent. LOL, I don't know, it was in a glass tank and small.
I took Brady in his room and Jason took Jax to his. Brady was coloring his name tag that will go up by his coat hook, when suddenly Jax came bouncing back in! Apparently he colored his name tag, ran around his room and came back.
He was scanning everything so fast and each time I tried to talk to him he was way too busy to even look at me. Oh boy... I can see there is still a lot of 'focus' work to work on with him and his IEP plans will be in full effect for sure.

I spoke to the principal about Jax's feeding therapist being able to come in during lunch once a week and she wasn't sure if it was "district-legal" since he's a private therapist using 'their' facilities, but she encouraged me to contact the special-needs director to see if I could. The principal said she hopes we can get it through since it affects Jax 'medically' in the end. I made the call today and left a message, so we'll see where that goes. If we can't get it, then Jax will just have to rush to Mr Nick once a week for an early dinner.

I have Brady's PROMPT speech set up for after school for the month of September. His grant goes until then, so we're definitely going to use it. We'll have to do a few Saturdays, but that's ok.

I found out that there aren't any 'aides' for the kids getting off the bus, but there are helpers directing kids where to go. Hmmm... I asked the principal and the teacher if that was really sufficient for kindergarteners the first day and the principal said it is for some, but they'd appreciate Jason and I being there to make sure, especially given Brady's disorder.
So... we get to jump in the chaos of following the bus and helping the boys understand where to go. All children have to go into the school to hang their backpacks and then go back outside to the playground until the bell rings. They then line up in specific places. They have to all put backpacks inside first since all children have iPads and they don't want them out on the playground.

The instructions will be fine with the boys after a few practice runs, but we definitely need to help oversee for a few days.

The boys are COUNTING DOWN the days even though I keep explaining to them that their days will never be the same again and to try and enjoy the last few fleeting days!

I heard Jax asking his stuffed Fox (Foxy Mama) if she wanted to go to school with him on his first day for show and tell. I laughed listening to the conversation and thinking about Jax announcing his "pet Foxy Mama" to the class.
I requested Brady's class list from his speech therapist and we put all the names in his iPad and will record my voice saying them. They just need to snap a photo of them each under their name and he'll have better access to talking to and about his classmates then.
We're almost ready!

We've had some random/odd behaviors this past week. First, we noticed a really nasty bruise on Jax's back after his bath. It was small and almond shaped. We asked what happened and he said, "Oh... we were playing monsters on the trampoline last week and Brady bit me". UHH, what?!
They NEVER tell on each other, which is nice to a point, but come on! We asked Brady and he seemed a little confused as if he didn't remember, but he trusted Jax's statement. We had a long talk with them that teeth are weapons and they are to NEVER put their mouths, hands, feet or anything on anyone else ever.
Brady got upset realizing Jax was 'hurt', so I don't think he realized what he did, but he understood why lost some iPad time. Seriously... what will I do with these two as teenagers? They'll keep everything from me!

We also had a very FIRST happen with the boys last night. Brady came out of his room after going to bed. I know that's probably normal for most kids, but it has never ever happened with our guys, so we assumed someone was sick. Nope, Brady had tears streaming down his face that he was scared of the dark. How odd? He made me put a night light in the week prior and asked me for another one.
Has this happened to anyone else before? The boys have never had a nightlight in 6 years and now suddenly Brady is scared of the dark. Poor peanut, but random, hey?

We're hoping to have fun-filled Labor Day Weekend - hopefully some fun pics too!

The boys taking a tube-ride with friends Hayden and Cole last weekend!

The boys had their friend Kate over for dinner. She played Uno with them after so I could get some baking done!

I let the boys try to follow some Lego instructions by themselves one rainy afternoon while I got some work done. It wasn't correct, but it was kinda close!

Who wouldn't love a mini-me rubbing their head at night?

Brady coloring his name tag for his coat hook during Open House.

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maybe a hamster?? :) Good Luck with everything! Can't wait to see those first day of school pictures :)