Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Rolling into August

The days are just flying by, but the boys are enjoying their summer break. Since last week they've been to the tons of parks, the zoo, the Children's Museum and up to Nana and Papa's to a charity festival while Jay and I attended a wedding one night.
Brady is doing really well in his speech therapy. Lots of new sounds and the ends to some words. It's working really great. We'll do an end-of-summer video that I'll share when complete. The boys have one week left of t-ball, where does the time go?
This weekend we're home for once and we plan to thoroughly enjoy it with tinkering around the yard, taking some bike rides and hopefully a pool day.
I'll try to better at more photos this month, but here are a few from the last post: 

Auntie Christa with cousin Aidan!


Out with the OLD and in with the better breathing new... We finally updated our furnace/AC units. It will be better for Jax this winter (hospital grade filter/Humidification system) but I'm really looking forward to PRETTY updates at some point :)

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