Thursday, August 21, 2014

So much school info

We are on summer countdown, which is a good thing and a bad thing. No one wants warm weather to be gone of course!
We are surviving our first of two weeks of working while the kids are without a sitter. Some days are better than others :)
We're having some rainy days, which oddly make it easier to have the boys inside while I work, because they really keep each other busy and aren't asking to be outside. I bribe them for silence if I need to make important calls, haha. The therapy-appointments and upcoming doctor appointments add a wrench of course too, but since it's all just a fleeting moment in time, we know this will pass. They will soon be gone all day, most days, for the rest of their childhood... wow.

Brady woke up vomiting yesterday at 4am, but was MUCH better by noon. How random and odd, but then again, that's par for the course with young kids I guess.
We had 'Registration and Forms' day at the school where we turned in all the fees, received a lot of paperwork, signed up for the first teacher conferences and created our online access for school needs. The boys will have a final Open House on Wednesday to hand in all their supplies and see their classrooms one more time before the official start of school.

We went very early on the Registration and Forms- day and were able to have real talks with a few key people without crowds. Jax re-met Miss Janet (I can't help but to think of the original Miss Janet Jackson!) who will be his lunch aide helping him eat. She and I chatted and I feel SO much better. She's prepared for any possible gags/vomits and will encourage him to eat specific amounts. She thinks he'll switch to hot lunch soon enough which I love. Any acclimation to normalcy for mealtime makes my heart sing. We also touched base with the Health Room aide and turned in Jax's inhaler and extra g-tube with paperwork. She can work a g-tube and asthma issues like a champ, so I feel good about that too.

We met and spoke with the speech therapist again and we made a plan that I'll fill Brady's iPad with things he did over the summer so the therapist can help Brady tell the class when it's his turn. We were told in advance about this activity, so that's helpful. The therapist has a tough name, so she said Brady can call her Mrs T until he can say it fully. He also got the kindergarten teacher with the easier name, so I'm thankful for that. His 4k teacher was Mrs Marino and his kinder teacher is Mrs Marina, how great for him!

I have one more anxiety-based need to settle up before the first day, and that's to know who exactly will lead the kids off the big-boy bus and show them where to go. Do they go to the playground for a bit and follow the crowd?? I need this info because I don't want to follow the bus and hover the first day. Parents aren't allowed inside the school anyway, so I'm hoping our 3rd trip to this tiny school on Wednesday to review the plans will be enough. The boys of course show ZERO anxiety and are just excited to go. I just need to know for sure everyone is covered. They'll have their bracelets on as advised, but still, I need to know who, when and where and all will be good.

I can say with great relief that Jason and I are very happy about this small elementary school they're attending. When we walked in, the principal asked our family name. We said "Lettenberger" and she said, "OH, Brady aaaaaand..." as she searched through the folders... I mean, really? Even the kindergarten teachers saw the boys and said "It's the Lettenberger boys!". How great is that with only meeting once? The boy's classrooms are connected by a small hallway with a bathroom, so they'll be closer than 4k. I think this year is going to be GREAT for them. The long days will be an adjustment, but it will be great.
I'm meeting with Jax's feeding therapist tomorrow to see if he'd be willing to go to Jax's school lunch once a week. Brady will still have his PROMPT therapy a few times a week for Sept, otherwise I'm trying to keep extra activities to a minimum until they're acclimated to the days.

So much change for our family!

The last day of t-ball. They were so proud to make every game of the season! Could Brady be cuter in this photo?

Jason and I sending some love home to our boys while out in Vegas.

The boys got a 'Wubble Bubble' (that already popped) and loved that thing.

Another coach from t-ball gave Jax a left-handed set of golf clubs. Jax is in love with the sport!

I can tell Brady is growing up. He wants very specific things for school this year. He even put on certain hats and danced in a mirror to see if he liked them. OMG. He put this backpack on and said he wants THIS one. Too bad the line was too long and I was in a hurry. I'm hoping this is still around when I actually go shopping for these things this weekend. Funny thing tho, he asked me to take a photo from behind so he could see what it will look like to others. Seriously.. he rocks.

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Anonymous said...

At the school my girls go to, the line up into different lines. There is a parent pick up line, a bus line, and a line to the after school care place. Their teacher then walks them out to the bus and deposits them onto the correct bus. They stay pretty close to the kindergarten kids which is nice!