Sunday, August 10, 2014

Summer Daze

We had a great summer weekend with the boys at home. We hit up the frozen yogurt shop, went on bike rides, went to the pool, had a nice dinner and even got to the state fair!
Jax suddenly decided to be a great eater while out to dinner Saturday night. Jason poured all 8 oz of his Pediasure into a cup and when we turned around, Jax drank the whole thing! Then he proceeded to eat Ninja noodles (we were at an Asian restaurant) like they were his job. The chopsticks may have been the pushing-factor, but hey, we'll take it! He also ate his entire fortune cookie, score!

We caught the last day of the fair and had the right idea to go early Sunday morning because by the time we were leaving, it was packed.
We were pooped out by the time we got home and had a lazy Sunday late afternoon and evening home.
The boys are getting ready for their last week of our beloved part time summer-sitter because she starts school back up in a week - she's a first grade teacher. Jason and I are getting the house and everything else ready to leave on a trip to Vegas on Wednesday. I have some work to do, but it's also my birthday week, so it's going to be mostly fun :) We have a couple guest appearences throughout the few days that Jason set up, so it should be a great quick break away.
When we get home it will be go-time to get the boys ready for kindergarten with their open house (and pictures, eek!) that week and the all-time favorite of school supply shopping!
We'll be without a sitter those last two weeks, so it will be a lot of juggling, but we'll survive, I'm sure!

Getting better on their bikes!

This is just funny...

Jax just 'relaxin' as he says.

Who can resist these things at the state fair?

Brady learning about someone's science project.

Brady loving up a cow calf.

Jax always chooses the dominant one...

Who doesn't love walking corn??

Olympic mini donkeys... no idea what makes them Olympic!

Checking out a big old hog.

SO happy to be on a ride at the end of the day. Brady is actually BUSTING a move right here.

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