Wednesday, September 3, 2014

And so it begins...

The boys are officially 'kindergarteners' and they're loving it.
The bus was late the first day, but on time the second day. I went back to school this morning since the first day wasn't a typical day for them given the fact the bus was late. I realized watching Jax get off the bus this morning that he has a VERY hard time carrying his backpack. I may have to get him a lighter one, but in the meantime, I'm trying to figure out ways to keep it light.
The boys REALLY want to have hot lunch at school versus bringing one, so it helped to not have a lunch in Jax's backpack, but I did pack his Pediasure.
I spoke to the teacher and then had a phone conversation later with the special needs department about bringing in a case tomorrow so Jax just has it there on hand. Whatever he doesn't drink at lunch, they'll have him drink after the afternoon recess. That really gives me some relief. His face is looking so gaunt to me lately, and I keep thinking about these long days for him. The therapist who called today for a quick update said Jax ate about half of a taco, some apple sauce and then half his Pediasure - which he had to finish the rest after recess.

I'd love to force Jax to only eat what I pack him so I can ensure he eats calorie-rich foods, but he is already upset at the suggestion. He wants to eats hot lunch so badly with Brady and the other kids. So, we'll let him do that for awhile and see how he does. I think the teachers already understand why I pack certain snack-choices for him - he needs every calorie!

I got the final word today that Mr Nick is approved by the district to visit Jax at lunch once a week. It should be helpful for some better skills when eating in a group like that. I just need to facilitate all of that when I come in with the Pediasure tomorrow.

Brady is doing well in class. The teacher told me today that she has been really impressed by how well she can actually understand his approximations. She said she has another child who has a profound speech issue as well without an iPad, so she plans to use Brady's iPad as an example for that child's upcoming IEP meeting. How great that Brady can somehow be helpful in another child's quality of school-life!

I've been looking forward to the end of each afternoon now to hear the boys gush about school. I hope they're always like this!

Pretty much the scene of our Labor Day Weekend cookouts, blah!

Our neighbor had planned to have the Badger game viewing outside, but we compromised!

Jax got some new slippers that he's pretty pumped about.

These would be the shoes that Jay and the boys just got. (siiiiigh)

Since the boys are such 'big boys' now, we did a toy-cleanout. It stinks to do, but feels oh-so-good once done!

The beautiful one-block walk to the bus stop. We'll see how beautiful this feels when temps drop!

Waiting for the bus.

The boys with the speech therapist and the special-needs director.

Jay helping Jax into his room.

Brady lined up for his room!

My and Brady's last official Friday-lunch-date.

Kickin' it for day TWO of school. Duck-lip Brady, lol!

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Wendy said...

I found your blog through another blog that I read--I also have twins, one of which is SGA and was prescribed growth hormone therapy. Mine just started K, too, and I've found that she can manage the junior-sized LLBean backpack well. Might be an option for your guy, too!