Thursday, September 11, 2014

First Teacher Conferences

The boys are stilling loving school, and the bus, and their class pets and... yes, everything.

We had teacher 'listening conferences' last night. It's just a quick 15 minute check in with the teachers to discuss how the first 1-2 weeks have been going on the kid's ends at home and for the teacher to talk about how the child is adapting at school, along with anything else anyone wants to discuss.
The conferences went GREAT, we couldn't be happier. When we walked in the building we met up with Jax's special-ed teacher on the way into our meeting and the first thing out of her mouth, "Wow, those boys really stole our hearts already". We felt a sense of relief going into the meetings after hearing that.

Jax's teacher said he is so smart and extremely excited about EVERYTHING. We laughed and said we appreciated the 'smart' comment since he wasn't expected to be given all his preemie issues. All we heard about were 'learning disabilities' over and over. We know he needs to wrangle in his 'excitement' a little bit though. She mentioned that she definitely sees his issues with attaining to a project that requires him to sit and use a pencil. So they are definitely going to support that and hopefully it's a different story by the end of the year, but I'm SURE it's not the last we've heard of that.
She said he follows all directions and she's had no issues with his behavior. The special-ed teacher and speech therapist discussed his meal-time and how we need the phy-ed teacher to watch his walking/running/stance issues now that we took his braces off. He's had a lot of accidents lately and we want to make sure it's not from unsupported legs versus him looking everywhere but forward when walking.

Brady's teacher and speech therapist are so happy with how he's doing as well. The teacher said she had a lot of concerns for him prior to the start of school, but she's been pleasantly surprised by his willingness to socialize, raise his hand to answer and to repeatedly try to get people to understand him. She's had Apraxic-children in the past and she said he's the most outgoing she's ever had of them. We found that interesting since Brady tends to get really shy lately when people address him. She thinks he's comfortable and excited for school, so he tries so hard. Apparently there's only been a few times where she's called on him, and she couldn't figure out what his answer was. We'll filling out a worksheet every Sunday night outlining what we did over the weekend so the teacher and therapist and can have an easier discussion with Brady each Monday. I felt so bad since this past Monday, Brady tried telling everyone that he went mini-golfing and no one could understand him. I can't even begin to imagine his frustration. But we have a plan going forward so that doesn't happen as much anymore.
We discussed how his reading and writing will go given his speech disability, and I like the plan, but bummed to hear that writing will be harder than reading since children literally 'sound out loud' when writing at this age. We'll just have to cross that bridge when it comes.

We took the boys out to dinner for pasta for their great reviews. I hope it stays this way through the year - here's to hoping!

In other news, how do you all get your kids to REMEMBER their belongings? Brady already lost a jacket on the bus and Jax brought home the wrong sweatshirt. I see last year happening all over again. Brady lost his boots, gloves, hats and even a pair of snow pants last year! I've already started to stock up on gloves and snow pants. For some reason it's really hard to find some of these items after December around here.

Here are some photos from last weekend, it was gorgeous outside! I feel like it's gone already with the temps only in the 50s this week, ugh!

Could Jax BE any happier up there?

The boys being... boys.

Santina was all about Jay after her nap.

She kept standing by him and copying him, too cute!

Some kid-fun inside the family farm at the zoo.

Brady doing a mean 'duck-lip selfie' pose :)

Rachel and the dudes.

Time to feed some goats!

Safety first Brady!

My train-car-mates!

Jason overseeing his boy's getting fresh and clean.

Mini Golf Sunday!

A morning routine before school each day - I think this will be a common scene this year! The boys started a small cold. No big deal, but Jax just needs this support each morning and night so it STAYS no big deal.

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Michele said...

Hmmm. Staple hats, gloves, lunch boxes, etc. to their clothes? That's all I've got. :) I still have this issue with both of mine (ages 6 and 10). Stock up and label everything, and hope for the best!