Monday, October 6, 2014

More Reading!

The boys are doing great. They still love school. I'm not sure why I'm always waiting for one of them NOT to, but so far, so good.

Brady brought home his first book that he's been working on at school, and READ it to us. If you watch the words he's reading, you can perfectly understand him too! I have video that I'll share soon of course!

Jax is no longer using his nebulizer with the cough - it's gone away without any doctor visits or extra steroids, yay! The health room aid was calling me a lot last week to confirm inhaler-times during school and I missed the last call, so she left me a message. It was the SWEETEST message ever, so I saved it and played it for Jax that night. The message said she just adored Jaxon so much, and he brightens up the office each time he comes in for his inhaler. She said he's funny, always happy and we are incredibly blessed to have him.
Um, melt me.
Jax thought it was neat to hear too.

So, we're officially in early winter with the sudden and drastic temperature changes around here! Apparently we don't like to ease into seasons anymore. We skipped spring and I guess we're skipping fall! Blah! Oh well! We took the boys to a farm on Sunday and they just loved it, despite the cold temps.

The boys had a relaxed weekend overall. They hung with dad on Saturday while I attended a funeral for an amazing little boy - Mightly Caleb. My heart hasn't stopped hurting from this event, and I can't get Caleb's mom, Becky, off my mind. If you have extra prayers, send them to her and her family...

They wore shorts to school the day before this!

We had a complete house-exclusion done by Terminix to seal up the house. We continue to have rodent issues in the walls, eww~ So everything is sealed up tight with all new insulation. Some day I'll actually get our fireplace updated to this decade...

Brady read us his first book this week!

So proud!

Brady and his tower.

Brady and Cole at the farm on Sunday.

Donkeys are nice.

Brady would've taken this baby chick home if we let him.

Jax cuddles very differently.

Motley Crew on a hay ride.

Jax thought he owned the hay ride.

Corn Maze fun. Brady insisted on chewing on hay to look like a farmer.

Our pumpkins.

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Momma Bird said...

Jax looks like he has really caught up to Brady in size!