Monday, October 20, 2014

First Missed Day of School

We had a sickie last week! Jaxon came home from school Thursday with a cough and runny nose. Apparently he told his teacher that he'd be missing the next day because his throat hurt too - that kid!

I had just gotten home from being gone overnight to a funeral to a pretty sick little guy. He was up all.night.long.coughing. And since he needs to have his pulse-ox checked when coughing like that, we were up too.

I kept him home on Friday and brought him to the doctor since the weekend was approaching, otherwise I think I would've waited one more day to see how he was. The doc said he sounded good, but he had tons of broken blood vessels around his eyes which indicated his non-stop coughing - she didn't like that. She was concerned a lower respiratory virus was going to blow up on him over the weekend, so we played it safe with him (LIVE AND LEARN) and gave him a small dose of Prednisolone over the next two days in addition to his around-the-clock nebulizer treatments. Coupled with Tylenol for the sore throat and it was like night and day for him that night - we all enjoyed some sleep.

Jax will see his asthma specialist in a couple weeks for his annual exam. I have a feeling the doctor will want him to remain on his stronger meds again this year. I'm not sure if we'll see a change with that anytime soon. Jax will never be the kid 'who grows out of asthma'. He has Chronic Lung Disease from undeveloped lungs at birth. His lungs are kinda junk forever - but at least he gets great care, which is all we can ask for!

* Please keep Rachel and her family in your prayers while they face this very difficult time since she lost her father - she is family to us! Also, my grandmother is facing some pretty big health issues and will be entering hospice soon - please say a spare prayer for her and her comfort.

I can't say it enough... health is everything...

Brady has been part of the "Clean Plate Club" often around here lately. He's been helping me cook, which has really helped him like MANY new recipes around here!

Nana Letts playing a great game of UNO with the boys Saturday night.

We took the boys out for some soul-food lunch on Sunday during the Packer game. Their biggest issue was deciding which TV to watch the game on!

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Allison said...

I've never commented here before, but have been reading for a long time. I'm not saying it'll definitely be the case for Jax, but my husband was a preemie and had some pretty severe lung problems as a child. The stories you write about Jaxon are very similar to those that I hear from my mother-in-law. While my husband is still taking a steroid inhaler every night and takes his rescue inhaler regularly, he's been a really active person and most people would never know he's asthmatic. He's been active in sports and we just ran a four mile race together in September. He has only used his nebulizer once or two in the thirteen years I've known him. I'm still praying that this will be the case for Jax--that while he'll always be asthmatic, that there comes a time when it doesn't negatively impact his life.