Tuesday, October 28, 2014

First tooth in the books!

What a week!
First of all, Jax's cough went away and he stopped the extra breathing treatments this weekend - all good!
Jay and his dad took the boys to a high school football game on Friday. We have unseasonably warm weather this week, so we took advantage of it! We worked outside in the yard a bit Saturday and then attended Krista's housewarming party - she bought her own home, so proud! The boys LOVE visiting there to play with her niece and nephew, who they see each month at the soup kitchen (Krista's parents run it). I got to see old friends, so it was great!

That night, I got a midnight call from Rachel that she was in labor. So I threw on some clothes and drove out to her house, where I slept until her daughter woke up Sunday morning. We held onto her until Rachel's in-laws got into town. Then we got to meet Jameson, the new big baby boy!

Then... the biggest news that a 6 year old boy can have happened... Jax lost his first tooth!
Big deal here people!

Now onto Halloween celebrations this week! I'm sure there will be some stellar photos to come...

Jax has been working on this tooth for a few days.

He even let Brady try!

Tita bought her own home! We had a great time Saturday at her housewarming party and caught up with my old friends.

The boys LOVE playing with her nephew Ethan and they met a new friend, Simon!

Auntie Rachel went into labor Saturday night, so I picked up this cutie to help out!

Jameson's first selfie on the day he was born!

All these boys...

I worked on this project over the past week. I refinished our powder room vanity. It's a charcoal color and hard to see in this photo. Now I need to paint the walls in there and move onto the next project...

Momma pulled the tooth out Sunday night!

The new one is already growing in.
He has the TINIEST teeth!


Matt & Shana said...

loosing teeth, new babies and a DIY project wow you were busy!!

Sharon Woods said...

Jax’s first lost tooth is indeed great news. He and Brady look really close and sweet to each other. Your family seems to be a happy one, and you’re so lucky to have those two beautiful boys in your life. You must be so proud. Thanks for sharing that, Annie! All the best to your family!

Sharon Woods @ Falls Park Dentistry

Richard Travers said...

Losing a tooth is definitely big news for a six year old, and even more so for a mom as much as it is for them. I hope hiss teeth grow out nice and strong! Anyway, it seems like you guys had a wonderful week together, and I hope it is the same even today. Thanks for sharing this with us, Annie. Have a great day!

Richard Travers @ Travers Dental Clinic