Monday, October 13, 2014

Our first blatent LIE

We've had our first 'real lie' happen this past weekend...

I had lunch ready on Sunday, so Jason went to get the boys from the neighbor's yard. He saw Brady and the other kids said Jax was in their house washing his hands and they'd send him over. Brady came in and was super animated telling us a story with his hands about finding a nest and that Jax found an egg and broke it. Now... it took a few times, but that was the end-story that we got. He wasn't 'telling on Jax' so much as just telling an exciting story.

When Jax walked in, I asked him about this. He said he didn't break any eggs. Hmm.
I made the boys walk me to the nest so I could see for myself. I noticed Jax lagging behind and say he was tired and maybe needed a nap (clue 1).

We got to the nest that was lying in the grass... but no eggs. Hmmm.
We walked back home and Jason and I asked them both again about the eggs. Jax said NO to any eggs, and Brady was adamant that there was. Then Jax said he wasn't sure what we were talking about (clue 2).

I texted my neighbor for the story, and in the meantime we told Jax he wouldn't be in trouble if he told the truth since we've never discussed how to treat bird eggs, but if he was lying, he'd be grounded the rest of the day - and we'd be finding out the truth from the neighbor in a moment.

He said he didn't see an egg.

Well, he lied.
He's a human growing up and we have to accept this will happen, but it stinks to have his innocent little eyes lie, ya know?

We told him many times that he was in trouble for lying, not for touching the egg. Which our neighbor kids said he was curious and touched with one finger and it cracked - which is why they made him go wash his hands (which was clue 3 that Jay and I put together - Jax doesn't just go around washing his hands).

I REALLY want our kids to grow up trusting us with the truth, no matter what it is. It's really important to me for them to not be afraid, and for them to know we'll always help and the punishment will be much less severe - if a punishment is warranted. We gave him the OUT with saying he wouldn't get in trouble, but he chose not to take it. The moment I told him the neighbors told me the truth, he didn't fight it at all. He said "yeah, I think it might of cracked". huh.
Jason explained that babies come out of the eggs and once you touch them, the mama bird won't come back and so on and so forth. The boys just looked at him with BIG eyes. They have no clue, and we know that. There wasn't any aggression or ill intentions, but he certainly lied about it.

So, parents in the world with success - what do you do? What has worked? Do we just keep doing what we're doing? What say you?

The boys in their 'spirit wear' for school on Friday. Jax's size 'small' is a bit big even after washing in hot :)

Big boys

The Hillcrest Sock Hop for the PTA that night - Friday

This fella is in Brady's class. He proclaimed Brady as his BEST friend. We heard "HI Brady" repeatedly that night from a bunch of kids - it's nice to know he's made friends!

Could you just die - too cute.

I don't know where to begin with all the amazing things happening in this photo on Saturday morning - enjoy. Even the book is amazing - Creepy Carrots.

Sharing an ice cream sundae after dinner out Saturday night - we had family photos at the zoo late that afternoon - beautiful day!

What does a child do when they're grounded? Well, they look at a lot of books and find Waldo over and over again, lol.

Even Brady hung around with books too - he is such a sweetheart.

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