Monday, November 10, 2014

Drug woes

Jax had his annual asthma specialist appointment. The doc was so happy to see him doing well. Especially compared to this time last year. He wants him to remain on all the same medication, but the only problem is that our insurance doesn't cover his daily preventative inhaler (Advair). We've been using samples that the doc gave us, but now his company (Prohealth) doesn't allow the docs to give out samples - uuuuugh. This drug is $300/month out of pocket. I'm going to call our pediatrician tomorrow morning to see if she has samples. I know the asthma doc mentioned sending her a note to ask if she could contact her drug rep about it.
I have a few friends who use this drug (it's a WONDER drug) for their kids, who may be able to get me samples.
I'm going to have Jay call his company HR department (God they must be so annoyed with us) to inquire about our insurance possibly covering this drug for 2015, or if there's anything they can do at all.
Can you tell we want this drug?

If none of those ideas pan out, we have an alternative drug called Dulera that we can get. Hoping like heck it would work for him.

God bless this child's little lungs.

In other great news (read sarcastically) I had my regular 6 month dental checkup and cleaning. WHAT THE HECK.
I have 6 cavities and the dentist asked if I've had a physical lately because she thinks my calcium is very low and causing me to have weak enamel. I said that I did and oddly the only thing off in my blood work was slightly low calcium.
So, now I have a special calcium/fluoride cream from the dentist that I have to use twice a day and start a calcium supplement.
I didn't even get my first cavity until I was 22 years old, so you can imagine my shock about this. They said I had great oral health, but my enamel has gotten so soft. Then they mentioned 'age' and post babies - I got upset and had to get out of there. So... when you turn 35 your teeth belong on the set of the Golden Girls apparently.
The dentist said that if I use my calcium cream and a supplement, that after my fillings, my teeth should be great in 2015.
I'll be sure to mention that in the Christmas card.

Have a great week everyone!

Brady brought this home from school - YEAH!

I spent Saturday with my mom, aunt and grandma. We started cleaning out my grandma's things from my mom's apartment since she's moving to an assisted living facility. She was in great spirits that day and it was really great to have the time with her.

I found my kindergarten photo circa 1984 at my moms for the boys to see. They didn't believe me that I started losing my teeth at 4. Here I just turned 5 and am on my 3rd tooth! (The bottom two are adult teeth already)  Then they asked if I still had that pink sweater. Um no, it doesn't fit anymore dudes...

I brought home a few childhood toys to store at my house and the boys had a blast with them.

Here the boys are waiting for me to sound the whistle. Their homework from school was to practice dressing in 5 winter items in 5 minutes. They get prizes at school if they're able to. I was SHOCKED that they did it in less than 2.5 minutes. When you make it a race, little boys will play along to anything!


cat said...

Oh I hope you find a way to get the meds.

Michele said...

Have you checked Costco? Often their cash price is dramatically cheaper than other pharmacies. You can access their price list online. And we've had good success with Dulera in our house.

Seriously girl, take your calcium supplement. And a vitamin D supplement. I've broken 3 bones in the last year (hand, foot and big toe) and I'm in my late 30's, so it's the same reason your enamel is weak. While fillings are no fun, a broken bone is SERIOUSLY no fun.