Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Growing weeds

Halloween is over, and I swear the boys have skipped Thanksgiving and gone straight to Christmas already! I blame the stores because they want to walk through all the Christmas trees, lights and decor that are all up. They just LOVE to stare at it all, it's pretty cute.

Trick-or-Treating was a bit tough because we had sudden winter-weather come that day. Jax really struggled and said his legs hurt too much to continue. Then he really lagged behind and ended up saying to a person answering the door, "Trick-or-Treat, may I please have some water??". The man quickly got him a bottle of water - how kind! I realized then that he was going to start an asthma issue. I realized running around in the cold was kicking his butt that night.

In other news, Jax lost his other wiggly tooth this last weekend. He came running in our room on Sunday and told us he lost his tooth. We thought he meant 'tube', as in his tube came off, but he meant TOOTH! He said he woke up and pushed it with his tongue and it popped right out! The boy's have their 6-month dentist checkup in a couple weeks, so it will be interesting to know if there are any other wiggly teeth and if Brady is close behind with his first one soon. Jax got teeth sooner than Brady, so I'm not surprised he's losing the first ones.

Jax seems to be doing pretty good with his food/formula (Pediasmart). I weighed the boys at home and I *think* they've both gained about 2 lbs since their physicals at the end of July. Jax has been doing really well with NOT vomiting. He'll still gag on his food from time-to-time, but the vomiting has really been absent. I'm assuming that's helping his weight-gain!
Jax isn't due for his next GI/Feeding Team followup until January, but I wish he was being seen sooner. His stoma (the hole in his tummy that the feeding tube is in) hasn't been looking good lately. He's had prolapse (stomach lining) sticking out for years that we've been just watching and hoping to surgically clean up when he gets his feeding tube removed... but lately, the prolapse has gotten worse. Hmm.
Getting an appointment with the Feeding/GI team is tough since it requires many schedules to correspond (GI specialist, Feeding Psych, Feeding Therapist, GI Nurse and Dietician). I had an appointment set around Christmas that got moved back, so I bet I won't be able to get a sooner one, but I'll call anyway and mention that I'd be willing to go on the cancellation list since we're in town. I'll get a photo on here of his stoma site in case anyone out there has dealt with it and could give some advice in the meantime. The pediatrician said it's something to definitely have the GI specialist evaluate at the next appointment, but that was back in July and it wasn't quite as bad.

Brady is just growing like a WEED. Jax suddenly has a big wardrobe and shoe collection because Big B no longer fits in anything under a 5 and his feet are 3 sizes larger. Jax wears a shoe size of 10 and Brady a 13 - although Brady is about 3" taller, so that's probably about right. He's ALMOST out of a toddler-shoe size!
I can't keep up with Brady though because he says he's hungry non-stop! But lately he's also saying his stomach hurts. One minute he's hungry, the next his tummy hurts. What the...

The boys wanted a photo with "Scary Jack".

Ninja Turtle and Darth Vader!

Aaand a bunny...

That Brady kept smooching because he thought the whiskers were SO cute.

Jay and the boys scoping out their treasure after trick-or-treating.

Weekend-morning crafting.

Jax and his pumpkin head that he made at the gym.

Jax's special gold dollar coin from the tooth fairy!

Pizza-making with Dad. You can usually tell which kid is more into cooking and baking than the other :)

After work/school on Wednesday, we ran out for some errands and stopped out for dinner. Random mid-week treat! I love how the boys play and read the activity menus by themselves now!

Come on, it's freaking cute!

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