Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Race to breakfast

Brrrrr, winter is here!

I'm starting to feel my first fall/winter bug this week - hoping it doesn't blow up and remains mild. The boys are loving all the snow that's been falling and ask to go out into it constantly.

I'm totally over my drug-pharmacy-insurance debates. I'm totally defeated. I received a one-month-trial coupon for Dulera - the alternative drug to Advair, and found out the pharmacy can't use the trial offer because it's only for patients 12 and over... because the drug is only FDA approved for kids 12 and over. So no coupons either.
Totally over it.

So, I'm just going to fill the Rx for the $75 co-pay and see if it works. Hopefully it does since our only alternative is $300/mo Advair. I have a good feeling it will be OK, here's to hoping!

I thought this might help our breakfast-struggle for Jax before school in the morning. His 'prize' at the end is typically some change for the piggy bank or a small toy that I pull from his toy box that he's forgot about (like a Lego man, or small item like that).

It works pretty well. Our only problem is that he chokes more often in anticipation to get to the end! He needs to finish what's in his mouth before moving on, he still struggles with that. (Yes, he's wearing a camo-Bucks hat that Jay got him from a Buck's game that Bango signed.)

Jax riding fly on the way to a wedding on Saturday. I see we need to move his headrest up.

The boys visiting Great Grandma and looking at the bird sanctuary.

Uncle Jeff was visiting for the weekend from Arizona. We stopped in on the way to the wedding!

The boys loved playing in the snow on Sunday.

This "help" lasted all of 5 mins before I kicked them out! Now... who wants to come install new tile?

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