Tuesday, November 25, 2014


The boys had so much fun going on their annual deer-hunting trip with Jason back home to Manitowoc. I got a jump on Christmas shopping and need to finish up on "Cyber Monday". I'm always quickly reminded why shopping online is becoming more and more appealing each year - the stores are just so insane and even if you have an entire day to commit, you still don't get half your list done (the lines, the parking, oy). We have 13 children on our list and some of them get doubled because of December birthdays, so that on top of our regular list and I have a mission :)

The boys have a short week this week and will be home Wed-Sun, so I'm hoping we can keep them entertained and still get a little work done ourselves.
My brother is flying in for Thanksgiving, so we'll spend the day up in Green Bay with my family this year. My grandmother has stopped her chemo treatments, so I'm trying to get up there as much as possible to see her. The boys always bring her a smile too.

Jax has been having a hard time again with vomiting overnight. He's puked all over himself for the past two nights. We don't know why. He's being treated with breathing treatments, but he's not having breathing problems. He doesn't puke at all during the day and is eating. So after two nights of complete bed strips, pj strips and midnight showers, we're going to keep his feeding tube off him tonight. We're all a bit tired, poor Jax! I'm disheartened that this has come back around :(

In cute news, I've been impressed with the boy's imagination this week. They spent the entire night last night building a pretend arcade and being employees and customers with tickets. My favorite part was the sign that read "Jaxon and Brady R K OPEN" I'm told R K means arcade :)

They've been asking for guinea pigs for Christmas. They'd love a cat or dog, but with Jax's asthma, we can't have one. Brady has a guinea pig in his classroom and they just love him. So... Santa is considering a pair of g-pigs. We'd love for the boys to have a pet, and I know they'd be so good with them, so we'll see what the big man orders up...

If you ask our children "what time is it?" anytime after dinner, their response is "CUDDLE TIME!".

Brady helping an elderly volunteer at the soup kitchen last week. He is such an amazing little boy!

The kids showing their cavity-free smiles after the dentist on Monday.

They'd like you to REALLY look in their mouths! (The dentist said Brady has 3 wiggly teeth started!)

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Matt & Shana said...

cuddle time :) how cute is that?!