Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas 1.0

The Christmas break is in full swing!
We had a family Christmas party this past Saturday for my side of the family. We picked up Marley and headed over to my Grandma's new assisted living home for a visit first.
We attended the family gathering at my Uncle Dave's house and we had such a great time. Brady had decided earlier that day that he was going to tape a piece of paper to his face and be Santa. The entire day.
And he was.
So, Jax had the elf hat on and Brady was Santa - they crack me up.

Both of the boys had started a cough on Tuesday night, so I was wondering how well they'd feel by Saturday for the long day/night of driving up to Green Bay and attending all the festivities. Brady's cough went croupy on us, but some steroids helped. Jax of course just needs round-the-clock neb treatments, which is a bummer to travel with a neb-machine, but it is what it is. They did pretty good, but I've noticed Brady has ramped back up a little bit with a cough and not feeling the best again since Sunday night (hmm).

So far, the boys are doing ok with being home while I work. Thankfully they only have to deal with that for one more day and then Jay and I plan to be off the rest of the week.

For the first year ever, we have Christmas Eve to ourselves at home, so we're going to try and have it be relaxed, yet festive! Planning is in the works... maybe we'll actually get to CHURCH this year!

Every parent can relate... this is just one of my kid's backpacks exploded on the floor after school.

Guinea pigs - the perfect asthma-pet.

Our daily veggy-delivery to the piggies.

Slightly excited for their last day of school before the break.

Great Grandma Carol with Marley and the boys.

Some great ornaments from Grandma.

She was so happy the ornament she gave me matched me that day.


Marley and the elves.

The boys "helping" during the gift exchange game.

Cousin Amanda helping Brady re-tape his paper beard.

Ohhh to be 6 at Christmas time...

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