Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas 2.0 with the flu

We were hit. Poor Brady started fevering a bit on Monday night, then it came around Tuesday night higher around 101.  I knew something was up because he'd stop playing and ask me to cuddle on the couch with him. Which isn't TOO different for him, but he would literally just stop playing and beg for couch-time. On Christmas Eve-morning he hit 103 which is very unlike him, so I took him to the doctor. Sure enough, he tested positive for Influenza A, blech. He ALMOST made it out of the school the week before without getting it!

He was put on Tamiflu and told to not go around anyone until 24 hrs after his fever stopped, so we knew right away that Christmas day plans to go by family would have to be canceled. The doc put Jax on Tamiflu as well to try and prevent the severity if he contracted it as well. She was a bit concerned about him getting it and reviewed the protocol with him in case he started to show symptoms (since it's a respiratory infection and he has asthma).

After night #2, the Tamiflu made Brady's stomach 'burn' and he was up all night moaning and trying to vomit. The nurse the next day said it was our call to stop it if it was creating worse symptoms for him. The drug worked fine with Jax since he was fed his thick milk all night through his tube along with a dose of Zofran. The doc said Jax had to continue no matter what, which thankfully wasn't an issue for him.

The good news is that Jax NEVER got it, WHEW. Brady perked up fast after some medication and Ibuprofen. Thankfully he didn't go down too hard. We have to wonder if his nasal vaccination wasn't as effective as Jax's shot this year, although the doc said this year's vaccines aren't working against Influenza A very well because the strain mutated. (*Children with asthma can't get the live-nasal-vaccine, so that's why they get different vaccines.)

We were able to enjoy some Christmas time together just the four of us, but were also lucky enough to have Jay's parents and his sister and her family come Friday to celebrate. Thankfully we didn't have 'travel' plans out of state this year like we did the last two years!

Waiting for flu-test results. I sat holding him like this for about 20 minutes.

Jax and Daddy trying to stay occupied Christmas Eve night. Thankfully Uncle Adam sent LOTS of games this year!

Some dinner, Tamilfu, Ibuprofen and a bath perked this kiddo up to put cookies and milk out for Santa. Jax is being.. very much himself - always turned up to the highest notch.

Christmas morning.

Brady being... Brady. Santa brought him a guitar, lucky cat.

A jumbo remote monster truck with tickets to the show from Mommy and Daddy.

Fever gone and family visiting the next day - these four cats were in an intense game of SORRY!


Nothing keeps Jax down when getting neb-treatments.


An intense game of tic-tac-toe between Aidan and Jax at breakfast.

Jay looks HAPPY cleaning out cabinets, right?! We finally got rid of our old useless tupperware!

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