Monday, December 8, 2014

Two new family members!

The boys are on CLOUD 9 right now! They received two little guinea pigs, named Lucy and Piper.
 They've been asking Santa for them, but since Santa is busy with Christmas right now, he had St. Nick bring them for him with a note. Santa told the boys they got them early since he couldn't care for them, but he's still watching them since he'll still swing by Christmas Eve with a small gift if they've been good and taking care of the pets.
Jason said that Jax got on the bus for school this morning and told the bus driver, "WE GOT GUINEA PIGS!", so I can only imagine how many times the boys screamed this sentence to every person they saw at school today...

**For those of you out-of-state folks, St Nick is a deep rooted tradition from Germany, and other northern Europe areas that celebrate St Nikolaus - a catholic saint who brought treats to orphaned children. The boys even had treats from him waiting for them at school today! Busy guy!

Found under the stockings.

The boys held these little piggies off and on the entire day. Jax refused to get out of his pjs for most of the day!

Brady is madly in love. This is Piper.

We made Jax get dressed and we ran a few errands. Here's my big elf mailing the Christmas cards.

Jax only has the attention span to hold Lucy for about 20 minutes, so Brady takes them both. This is about an hour into a movie...

Living like QUEENS!

The cage was made for boys... oops.

The neighbors came to hold the piggies on Sunday.

Santina's 2nd birthday party!

This little 6 week old tank got some love.

Playing with hair bows!