Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Flu 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0

Everyone has been hit since I last posted. Hence, the lapse in posting!
Jason had been hit about 5 days after Brady started, then Jax last weekend (which was 5 days later as well) and I followed closely behind Jax. Everyone has done fairly well with it, but it's the lagging cough that makes the house sound like it has the plague!

I'm happy to see Jax doing well given our fears for him, but since he had Tamiflu in system before getting it and also receiving it on the first day as well as steroids (a fun Urgent Care run on Sunday) he's hanging tough and only fevered for one day. The awful coughing and non-stop pulse-ox checking for Jay and I the first night definitely pulled my immune system down. Well, the massive coughing in my face from the little guy is what really did me in!

I'm following the exact path of Jason of not being able to move for the first 24 hours - which if you know Jason and I, being bed-ridden is Hell on Earth to both of us. I was able to move on day 2, but not much. Now on day 3 I'm ok to be at my desk and showered and thankful I work from home so I can look like death and still work. The morning and evenings feel like a truck hit me. I feel more nauseous then Jay or the kids did, so that's odd, but they all had more sore throats than me, so maybe we just traded off a symptom!

Now to try and not write a book of the last 10 days...
We had a lot of board game playing, movie watching, cooking and guinea pig playing days over the past days. Jax had his 6-month followup with the Feeding Team and GI specialist last week Friday. The appointment went as expected since we knew Jax hadn't gained much. He seems to be growing vertically only!
Jax weighed in at 33.8 lbs (ouch) which was a slight gain, but not nearly what we had hoped for. We were interested to see how this appointment would go with Jax being in school full time now. They said this is very common in tubie-kids when entering school since they have a new routine and typically don't eat much with all the commotion and little time allotment for food. So, after I got some counseling that we're still doing everything we can... (insert the look of tears on my face), we came up with a game plan:
1. Jax will drink high calorie milk with his morning snack at school instead of water like all the other kids.
2. We'll add peanut butter, cheese etc to all cracker or veggie snacks we send.
3. He'll start his hunger-inducing medication back up and take it 3x/day for an extended period of time.
(So I need to figure how to get that squared away with the school)

The good news is that Jax's eating skills are getting better with the variety of foods he can eat. The problem remains with the volume that he intakes. So unless we can find ways for him to increase that, he'll require more tube feedings as he keeps growing taller, so hopefully we can this under control!

On the bright side of things, the boys are back in school (Jax missed Monday) and they're so happy to be back! We're surprised they had school today with the -30 windchill, but hey, they got there safe and Jay and I are able to get some much needed work done. We'll see about tomorrow :)

The boys at a bowling birthday party. Jay came down with the flu this night - gah! Just when we thought it was gone!

Who DOESN'T like to be woken up like this at 6:30am on the weekend? The boys showing me their bowling alley they made out of Legos...

Jax-Man and his 6-month photo at the Feeding Team!
The size of this bottle made me laugh - his hunger-inducing med. It's actually for allergies, but works on hunger for feeding-patients.

The boys with cousin Drew watching basketball the day before Jax was hit with the bug.

And he's down.

He was a good bed mate of mine when I got sick. Who doesn't want to share a bed with their sick kid and their light saber?

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Matt & Shana said...

uck sorry that totally stinks! I had a random thought the other day - we haven't had the flu since we moved overseas. Sure bacteria cases now and then and the risk of malaria or dengue fever but no flu, no flu shot, etc. weird right?

Hope you guys are feeling better or at least on the mend!! and stay warm :)