Monday, February 2, 2015

Kickin' it back at school

We're all on our way to finding our normal. Jax has been back at school and doing great. His teacher met us at our house the night before he was going back and he was a mess when she came over. He didn't want to see her and he cried. We all assumed anxiety was setting in and having her here instead of at school was just weird for him.
We had such a great meeting with the teacher and we had plans to walk Jax to his classroom the first few days and to skip recess and gym class until the pediatrician cleared him. He did amazing at school and everyone was so happy to see him back.

The pediatrician gave him a clean bill of health and had a really nice long talk with me. We've both replayed that night so many times, but in the end, we have a solid plan going forward. She gave us a glucagon injection to always have on hand for the off chance he'd ever get hypoglycemic again, but really, our plan is to always travel with it just in case and for it to collect DUST.

We have the most amazing doctor ever... she really is one of the great ones. She talked with me about Brady and his emotional stability with it all and then how Jason and I were doing. It's always nice to get 'permission' (for lack of a better word) to feel traumatized and that it's normal and okay, but what the signs and symptoms would be if we needed some extra help to feel better and move past the guilt.

She's also offered her services to help us if we have any insurance issues when the bills start to pile in. She will make calls and advocate for us if there are any issues. I basically just want to hand over our savings account # and tell them to just take the out-of-pocket limit and be done with it! Ugh, that's going to be a nightmare. BUT, for once, I will not complain about insurance and medical bills because my little buddy is healthy, happy and running around - we'll take it!

We have such a great little town... the EMT that worked on Jax that night called me last night to check on us. He told me he was so shaken by it all, and it's really hard to work on children like that. He invited us all to the station to give the boys a special tour and to see them. He was SO thrilled to know he was ok - so sweet.

Brady is doing well. He is probably one of the sweetest children I've ever known. He gives Jax anything he requests (even the last ice cream treat) and is just all around a great brother. I'm so glad to have these two back together!

And when it rains, it seems to pour. My grandfather is in the ICU with some complications and I hate being so far away. If you have any prayers left (sorry I keep asking for them) please throw some to my grandpa and our family.

Our guys

Back to school work!

I love how B is looking at Jax here...

They wanted to show the flowers

New proud owners of some new gear. Notice the back up cans of juice that will be stored with it as well...

Best photo bomb ever!

Small changes happening. Single use disposable cups for the kids. Maybe it won't help at all, but doing SOMETHING to help keep germs to themselves makes me feel like I'm at least trying...

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