Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Loving Each Other

We've been working on our 'normal' for the past week.
It's been solemn, and everything that's happened in the past month still crosses my mind daily, but we are definitely, 'ok'.
Brady had a rough couple days last week with bringing up my grandpa, but now a week later, he seems to just bring up grandpa's name here and there. Jax doesn't like to talk about it all. We thought the boys would have the opposite reactions, so it just goes to show you how losses affect everyone differently.

We tried to enjoy Valentines Day with the boys. They just love this holiday and they had a lot of fun through the week at school preparing for it. We didn't do much at home, but we did spoil them with them with small gifts and did a lot of cuddles and hanging out. We went out for pancakes that night - just because we CAN :)

The boys are finishing up their last week of basketball this week. Jax just amazes me with his power to throw the ball given his size and muscle tone. If he had a few inches and some muscle mass, he would seriously dominate in sports with his enthusiasm and drive (he's our own little Rudy). Brady has been so happy for him each time he scores a basket, but last week Brady took it pretty hard that he himself hasn't made a basket. So, we're REALLY hoping Brady does tomorrow night.

Jax will be star student of the week next week. Each kid gets a week of being the star. We were working on his poster that he had to fill out that talks all about himself. In a section about 'what's special about me', I gave some suggestions to him and one of the suggestions was his 'tubie'. He absolutely refused to list it. I asked him if his friends knew about it and he said no. Hmm. I asked if he was keeping it a secret and he said yes.
I totally understand not wanting to stand out and be different that way, but it made me sad. His tubie has always been a part of him, and while it doesn't define it, it is 'part of him' and his journey - nothing to be ashamed of. I'm sad that he's already at the age of wanting to hide things that make him different :(
He also said he wanted to list that he had a brother, but not a 'twin' brother - ummm sorry buddy, you'll never be able to hide that fact!

We started Jax up on his hunger-inducing medication (finally) and it's been going well so far. We're only doing the twice a day dose rather than the three times a day just to see how he does. We are determined to get him fattened up. It's on my mind constantly to get him as big, strong and healthy as possible before the next inevitable illness hits. It's just reality that it will. And our reality right now says Jay and I will be hot messes when it does, so... let's get some pounds on this kiddo.
By the way... after being in Brady's class for the Valentines party last week... I'm shocked that our kids have only had the two illness this winter - all I'm going to say is... g.r.o.s.s. The coughing, sneezing, nose wiping on the hands and constant touching of each other - blech.

Speaking of health and wellness, we're taking family trips to the chiropractor each week for awhile. Getting everyone straightened out and upping our immune system.
We have the soup kitchen tomorrow night that we're all looking forward to as well - back in the saddle as a whole family to fill up our hearts a little bit.

The claw game fail - but fun anyway.

Found this on my pillow from Brady. I'll treasure it forever.

100th day at school!

Brady made this Batman costume at school out of sticky paper.

The boys all ready for the 100th day of school trying to dress up as 100 yr olds!

Jax sinking his shots.

Brady and some kids decorating cookies at the Valentines party at school.

Jax in his class.

Brady goofing around with another boy.

Found this on the wall at school. Brady plans to be a teacher, go to New York, have 2 kids, have a girlfriend and wants to get married...

Bags of kindergarten valentines...

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