Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Saying Good bye

It's been a hard week for us. Which seems to be a theme for us lately, but life seems to be full of unexpected events. I received a call that my grandfather was in the ER on Sunday, then a call the next day that he was in the ICU, then a call that he had declined more. The heart valve that he had replaced about a year and a half ago had failed.

I picked my aunt up from the airport in town and we took the 2 hour drive north to see him. We found many family members camped out in the lounge. My grandma took my aunt and I back to see my grandpa. And I knew. I finally believed the words that were being told to me the night before that I didn't want to believe.

My grandpa wasn't able to speak and was sedated, but he did some squeezes of my fingers. I started to speak to him and I remembered our last phone call was when Jax was in the ICU the week prior and my grandparents were worried. I told my grandpa that Jax was doing great and he was healthy and running around. My grandpa opened his eye and a tear came out...

I left that night to get home and power pack everything that I could for myself and the boys and had plans for Jay to bring them on Friday through the weekend. I had to attend a meeting the next morning (that had been moved for me the weeks prior from our emergency with Jax) and I left for Green Bay directly after the meeting.

I had that night with my grandpa and many family members at the hospital. My mom and I went to her house to get a few hours of sleep while my brother had flown in overnight and had gotten to my grandpa about an hour before he passed. I feel that my grandpa had waited for him...
We all gathered in the middle of the night that night and held his hands and each others, and prayed.

My heart has been broken into pieces, but the entire family has come together in such loving support. We put picture boards together, had dinners, wrote eulogies and prayed. I delivered one of the eulogies and really struggled once up to the podium. It took me a few minutes to stop crying, but once my brother came up and stood with me, I was able to read its entirety. I can only hope it was a fitting tribute to him and all that he meant.

We've been home for a day now and are trying to find another 'normal'. My heart is aching and I still can't believe this has happened. I'm leaning on faith that we will see each other again, and we have another angel watching over us.

Auf wiedersehen, mein Freund.


The night before Grandpa's heart surgery

Romeo getting his class-Valentines in order

Brady lost his first tooth over the weekend

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