Thursday, February 26, 2015

Star Student

The boys finished up basketball last week. Thankfully, Brady got a basket and all is right with the world! Jax kept scoring, but nothing for Brady all season and he was starting to lose his confidence. He totally drilled his basket and everyone cheered for him - yay! The boys start up an indoor baseball fielding camp for a few Sunday evenings starting this week. They're pretty excited about it and it will be nice for them to have someone other than Jay be their coach - it will be good for them.

Jax has been 'Star Student of the Week' this week. Each kid gets a week through the year. Brady is the last week, which was a very good strategic move by the teacher in hopes his speech would be better at that point. Jax has been loving it and gets to show something each day to the class in addition to other things they do special for him.

The boys had some GI upset last weekend, which proved to be OK for them, which was a nice little test run for Jax (and us). But, Brady was in so much PAIN in his bum that I had to take him to see the pediatrician. He was literally crying and screaming on the floor!
After an exam, the doc found a fissure - a small tear in his bum which was causing the pain. It's amazing how such a small thing can hurt so bad! We were happy to hear it was something 'minor' in the large scheme of what else could cause such pain. So, we're doing bath-soaks and special cream. He was SO much better today and back at school. OY, these kids!!

The boys last basketball game

Jay's new tattoo. The top two lines are the boy's initials and year of birth, the bottom line has my initials with the year we were married and Jay's initials are down the center of us all.

Doesn't everyone snuggle watching movies like this?

From Jax's teacher - he was showing his football from the Packer visit in the hospital. The teacher put his photo up on the screen behind him, too cute.

Jax going over his poster of info about himself and then taking questions - clearly he's not shy :)

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