Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Another flu and a first for strep!

We are really kicking 2015 off with a bang I guess!
The boys both woke up with sore throats last Thursday morning (their first day of a 4-day weekend). I knew something was probably up since they've only had sore throats really once before and that was in Jan with the flu. I waited a day to see if anything else popped up. Jax had some asthma overnight so he bought himself a trip to the doctor. Brady was feeling much better.

The doc did a strep test and that was NEGATIVE and his lungs were clear. So I started to pack up and thanked the doc assuming it was just a cold that we'd have to treat his lungs for. She stared at him and said something was off. She asked us to stay for a flu-test. Which came back positive in 1 minute for Influenza B. Oh geeze, what a vaccine-fail for this kid this year. TWO rounds of flu in one season, wow.
The doc asked if Brady had ANY symptoms and I said he had a sore throat the day before but was much better. She asked to swab him. He was NOT HAPPY AT ALL. It took the doctor, the nurse and me to hold him down for these swabs. He literally jumped off the table and ran out the door!
His flu-swab was negative but he was positive for STREP.

How is that even possible?
So, Brady got an antibiotic and Jax got Tamiflu and they sent in their swabs to culture. Brady has been doing great since we caught his strep right away - he wasn't even meant to be a patient that day! Jax was caught early too, although the cough overnight kept us up-and-down for a few nights to treat with breathing treatments, test his O2 etc. I brought Jax back in yesterday (Tuesday) for a lung-check and he's' doing GREAT. It was 4 days of non-stop care, but he did so well considering how badly he reacts to these sorts of illnesses. He's still on breathing treatments at home and at school this week, but so far he's great.
We'll know by Friday if they've cross-contaminated each other since the incubation period can be 5 days.

Otherwise we're still doing our daily grind. We're getting our house damages assessed finally by our insurance company today, which has been assessed by a few different companies. We'll be happy when work to repair all that starts. Well, we'll be happier when it's done and behind us!

I received a call from the school Occupational Therapist last week stating that she is going to start Jax back in the program. He was on consultative services this year, and the team has expressed strong concerns to get him back into full OT services to really address his fine motor skills, specifically his hand writing. I was going to PLEAD with the school next month in his yearly IEP meeting, so I'm relieved that I don't need to do that. Next week we have conferences and then next month we have both boy's IEPs for 1st grade - wow, crazy hey?
I think Brady's will be pretty straight forward with daily services (hopefully) and ways to help him in the classroom. I also feel that while his reading capabilities have surprised us this year, I'm noticing his ability to write isn't keeping up. Not his penmanship, but his ability to sound out words to try and write them on his own, which I know is a big issue for kids with Apraxia - for obvious issues. So, I' hoping to address that.
Jax's IEP will be all over the place. While he's a smart little whip with above grade reading, he still struggles a lot of areas. We also need to make it necessary that he's pulled out for snacks since they don't do that anymore in 1st grade. Just random things like that...

Glad this was happening the night before flu and strep symptoms came about!

This is how Brady rolls into the chiropractor's office.

They were acting out their pjs. Jax was a tough tiger and Brady was dancing.

Brady loooooves the camera!

Projects while sick!

St Pats day!

Jax when he was down and out.

Finishing up crafts. Yes, Brady wears a cape or some piece of costume at ALL times.

Brady on his way to baseball camp on Sunday night. Jax stayed home to cuddle with mom!

A bit of a St Pats photo shoot before school...

Oh Brady...

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