Monday, March 2, 2015

Awards, Camps and LEAKS

A few new things these past few days. First of all, Jason and I attended the Wisconsin Mass Mutual Awards Banquet in Madison last Friday night. Jason received an award for '2014 Leaders', which is such an honor! He is the only agent with under 4 years experience (he only had 8 months in 2014!) to get this - I'm so proud of him! Because of this honor, we'll all be going to Orlando in July for a 3-day trip with the boys from his company. We plan to extend the trip by two days to surprise the boys with a day at Legoland as a birthday gift, they are going to FREAK!
Jason also did such an outstanding job in his first year that he qualified for himself AND me to go to Costa Rica in April (sort of a President's Club)... oh my God! He's the only first year agent to qualify - he likes to overachieve :) I'm excited for what he'll bring in 2015 with a full 12 months to work with. Our family and friends have been so supportive in his first year - we're so grateful!

The boys started baseball camp. It's on Sunday evenings for a few weeks to work on batting, fielding and throwing at an indoor venue. Jay wanted the boys to have someone other than himself coach them a bit before the spring/summer league starts - that yes, he coaches for!
The boys are excited because the neighbor boys are all in it too - good for them all to get together once a week during the cold months like this. We all hibernate!

Jay and I are about to pull our hair out with some house issues... again. Apparently getting new windows (which kept all the moisture IN) and getting new insulation (that now we found out isn't the right code and it covered our vents) caused moisture to collect and come through our bathroom ceiling including the tiled ceiling of our walk-in shower - and some other issues. We've had a company come out and do a complete review of the issues that's being submitted to insurance and clearly the insulation company will be getting a call.
Apparently we may have to replace ceilings, showers, walls, insulation, install new vents etc etc - it's a nightmare. Of course! I'm so tempted to look for a brand new house and be done with this non-stop mess. My dreams of a new kitchen keep getting farther and farther a reality. But alas... we love our neighborhood and couldn't dream to leave... (waaaaaah for our first world problem...)

Jason giving his best Brady-smile and his award!

Bedtime book~ you can see how Jax sleeps each night with his backpack hung on his dresser.

Dr Seuss Day! Brady snuck away to paint his face and his teacher thought it was so cute, she sent me this photo!

Jax working on his throwing at camp.

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