Thursday, March 26, 2015

Bruises and hives

My titles are amazing lately aren't they? They kind of make me laugh with how much they make us sound like we should be living in the coo-coo house at this point.

The boys are doing well. Brady finished up his antibiotic from the random strep throat he had. On day 9 he got a horrible rash on his legs, which we assumed was just eczema flaring up from the meds. He was extremely upset at the pain level, so we soaked him in an oatmeal bath and gently put his steroid cream on him. He was better the next day, but then got a 2 day headache and his body exploded in itchiness. He broke open his skin with the scratching, and he looked battered.
I brought him to the doctor yesterday and she found a few hives in the mix of all the scratch marks and just a bit of his eczema flaring up. She determined that he was on day 4 of an allergic reaction of the antibiotic. The good news was that he was probably half way done with the reaction and we only had to give him Benadryl at night and Claritin during the day and expect it to be gone by this weekend. The bad news is that Amoxicillin goes on his "allergy' list. He's also allergic to Cefdinir, which the doc said is a very similar drug-family, so she wasn't surprised.
Brady hadn't had an antibiotic for years, so it's a slow process to find out what he's sensitive to and what he's not.
Then there's Jax who has had many antibiotics over the years and has zero allergies to any of them - once again, they are completely different little people.

Jax gave me a little shock on Tuesday night. Jason was out at a late appointment, so I was alone with the boys and giving them a bath. I went to wash up Jax and found this extremely large, painful-looking bruise spanning from the top of his shin up to his knee. I asked him what happened and he said he had no idea. My first instinct was to figure out if this was an injury or if something weird was going on with him medically (with him lately, I put nothing past his mystery body!).
I texted a photo to Shannon to ask her nurse-opinion and she said that since she could see some swelling, she assumed injury - which kids at this age can do and not realize. That made me feel better. But given the severity of the bruise, I felt I should KNOW what he did. I asked if it was baseball, knowing it was his left knee and he favors that leg (you should see every single pair of jeans he puts a hole in THAT knee). He said he assumed it was baseball and that it was no big deal - he was fine. Hmm, he wanted to stop talking about it, which was a clue to me, that something was up.

I texted Jason a photo of it asking if he could've done it 2 days prior in baseball. Jason said, NO since he dressed Jax the night before and it wasn't there. So I interrogated Jax a bit asking if he fell, banged it or hurt it somehow. He said no to all. Then I said, "did someone hurt you?". He was silent. OMG.
(insert heart attack)
He then tells me that his friend at school pushed him down during recess, but it was just for fun playing the "pushing game". He told me who it was, and I immediately felt that this was just a game amongst young boys and not something 'mean spirited'. I asked if he told his teacher and he said he did. I told him I was going to ask his teacher if this was true and he said OK!

I sent an email and a photo of the leg to his teacher that night and she confirmed that it did happen, but she had NO idea that Jax was hurt in any way and she felt terrible. I didn't want to make her feel bad,.. I mean, Jax didn't even tell ME and I had to find it and question him repeatedly. The teacher said she also asked Jax repeatedly to make sure he wasn't 'covering for his buddy', which Jax would do, but it was determined to be a game that she put a stop to. She spoke to the class the next day to remind them that games like that are dangerous and she also had another talk with Jax that it's important to talk about injuries and she won't pull him out of activities or class if he tells her (which is why he never tells people when he's hurt).

We have conferences at the school tonight, so I'm sure I'll have fun reports for the next post. We also have a family wedding to attend this weekend, and Jay's goddaughter from New Mexico (Olivia) is staying with us leading up to it. Jason will be leaving right away Sunday for Washington DC for a conference through Wednesday, so it will just be me holding down the fort! Send coffee if you think of it :)

Some Saturday night classiness (Jax refuses to wear his 'spring hat' because he saw a tag in it before I could cut it out).

Sunday lunch celebrating the Bonin kid's birthday!

2 out of 3 were up for photos - too cute!

We were determined to get another Jason-Kelsey photo

I love how excited Drew is watching this game!
This was the bruise I found, oy!

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Matt & Shana said...

That bruise is crazy! And I am a person who only has to look at a sharp table corner and bruise :) hope you guys have a good weekend and that someone brings you mugs of coffee next week!!