Wednesday, March 11, 2015

School fundraiser

Things have been quiet lately, which is GOOD.
We had the boy's Italian Night at school last weekend. It's the largest fundraiser the school has through the year. The kids just love running room to room playing games trying to win prizes and munching on the spaghetti.
They had face painting, so Brady was PUMPED and wanted to look like a pirate. Jax has never allowed anyone to paint his face to this point. He still has sensory issues with things touching his face, which is a big part of his feeding disorder still. Brady and I were waiting in line and Jax kept coming over by us. I convinced him to give it a try and he agreed to it, then he backed out, then he agreed to it, and backed out again. On the third try, he decided to be brave and try it ONLY if the painter didn't touch his mouth or do too much.
So... in total Jax fashion, the little elf chose to have a single FLAME painted on his cheek. After the painter did the bottom half, she asked if he could handle her going up the side of his face and he said he'd be brave and do it.

It's so interesting that he can handle needles and so much pain, but a brush stroke along his face makes him sweat with anxiety. While Brady can't even watch Jax get his nightly shots but would allow someone to paint his body if he could!

The boys have off school Thursday and Friday this week, so we have a looong 4-day weekend at home. I'm going to start Jax back up on his hunger-inducing medication during this time since he's a zombie the first day on it given that it's an antihistamine. He only does well with if for about 8-10 days before he's too acclimated to it for it to work. Most kids do well for 2 weeks, but clearly Jax has a fast metabolism. We're really on the mission to get him bigger and while my scale at home isn't the same at the hospital, I *think* he's gained 2 lbs since his feeding clinic in January. Which is a HUGE gain for him since he couldn't do that in a whole year in the past. I'm supposed to run him in for a weight check at the clinic this month, so I may do that this week with him off so I have an accurate number. He's looking SO good lately!

This kid. He wears this hat every single day that he comes home until he goes to bed.

Brady getting his faced painted.

Jax too!

I asked him to give me a pirate face and this is what he gave me..

Jax said this is what a flame would be like!

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Stacey Nicole said...

The photos/paint jons are awesome! My six year old has sensory issues and does not like having his anything moist on his face (kisses, damp wash cloth or wipe, face paint, and so on). He surprised us once when he decided to get a small image (I think it was a pumpkin) painted on his face at a fall festival. He was only in line to wait with his brother but went ahead and got his own painting. We were pretty stoked about it. :)

Also, hooray on the weight gain, Jax!