Wednesday, April 1, 2015

All Good

We've had a busy week. We had Jay's oldest goddaughter visit from New Mexico (Olivia!) Thursday-Saturday. Jay's cousin was getting married in Green Bay on Saturday, so we made the trek up there and dropped Olivia off with the family. She will be 17 and a senior in high school soon, and our youngest godchild will be 7 months then with a baptism coming up in May. Jay and I have been blessed with a total of 7 godchildren!

The boys had their last night of baseball camp on Sunday night and they're already asking when their little league starts!
They start spring break on Friday and have a fun museum trip tomorrow for their last day of school. Jason and I leave Sunday night for the week in Costa Rica for a work-reward trip. I've been prepping the house, meds, supplies and sitters for the boys. I *think* I'll get on the plane without an anxiety attack for leaving them, but send good thoughts that they don't start an illness to really push me over the edge! My poor sitter had to listen to me ramble for TWO hours on Sunday reviewing protocols, she's a saint!
The boys are SO pumped for spring break since they'll be going to a Brewer game one of the nights and a bunch of other activities planned - they should have a blast.

Everyone is in good health and spirits this week, let's keep it GOING! Brady's skin allergy to the antibiotic was still giving him trouble into this week with bright red patches when he'd be running around or getting a bath, but it's really calmed down now. The doc said it should be gone by this Friday, so let's hope we don't have to deal with that anymore. He couldn't stop SNEEZING and scratching during the wedding ceremony and his skin kind of exploded, so I'm glad it's much better now - his body does NOT like Amoxicillin. NOTED.
Jason gets back tonight from Washington DC, so the boys are pretty pumped about that. I survived just fine over the past 4 days - mostly because the boys DID have such good health and attended school :)

Hunky cousins

Anesah has to deal with these goons

It's not a party until thumb wars break out!
Auntie Christa schooling Jax

Uncle Clint fighting the good fight.

Last night of baseball camp

My handsome little men

Brady requested the David Beckham haircut - love that kid!

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Craig & Shannon said...

"The David Beckham" haircut? C'mon, that kid KILLS me! I want to put him in my pocket:)