Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Minnesota and choas of repairs

We are just full of adventures lately!
We headed out of town on Friday afternoon to go visit Jay's sister and her family in Minnesota. Our nephew Aidan was receiving his First Communion, so we made a weekend out of it. We had never visited them in their new house since they moved from St.Louis last year (military family) so it was about time we made the trip!
We visited the Mall of America on Saturday, and the boys pretty much think it's JUST an amusement park. Jay and Uncle Clint stayed with all the boys to go on rides all afternoon, while the ladies shopped around for a bit. It was a nice afternoon, followed with dinner and then brunch the next day from Clint the Chef! (I never get cooked for, so I slightly obsess)
Aidan's First Communion was in the afternoon, so we left directly from church. We were lucky to have nice rides to and from Minnesota.

We've had SO much going on around the house lately with contractors. Our whole attic/bathroom debacle that happened in the winter has started to get repaired now. The entire attic was scrubbed/antimicrobialized and all the old insulation taken out. We are waiting to see what repairs need to be completed before putting insulation back in and also the bathroom ceiling and shower need to have their repairs done as well - so that's all going on.

Our carpenter has started the next phase of cedar siding planks to replace - we do about 30% of our house at a time to take out the old painted stuff and replace with new stained pieces. The stained parts look SO much nicer, and he's also taking out the old wooden porch railing and replacing it with non-painted pvc pipe - so that is all going on.

We had our tree-line cleaned up, and needed to be out of town while they did it since they use a chemical to treat the large buck thorn stumps, so it had to be done this weekend. We also have plans to seed a big portion of the tree line, so it was best to do it now in spring - so that was going on. I'm waiting to hear from our landscaper for options to with the new open space in the front yard. I'm a little shocked how much was taken from there, so we need to make some plans of what to DO with it now!

Our original heavy wooden garage door is being replaced, so we got that all contracted last week and are waiting for the door to come in - which hopefully times well after the cedar siding over on that side is replaced and painted. I think that door will come in sometime mid-May, so that should work out.

I don't know why we have SO much going on at the same time other than we don't want to deal with any of it in summer, so we kinda have pushed to get most of this done within the month.

The Lego area of Mall of America

Jay thought the boys looked like Hans and Franz of SNL this day.

Jay has a better photo of the boys, but you get the point. I'm pretty convinced that Jax is the human-version of Sponge Bob. Constantly EXCITED.

The boys were the last ones to see these guys so they got sandwiched! The worker was laughing pretty hard.

 I loooooove his cooking.

My sauce almost set the kitchen on fire!

With the guest of honor Aidan!
All the boys chillin before church.
On the way out of town on Friday, we had trucks arrive to cut down the dead trees and weeds that were becoming hazardous.

Apparently our entire front yard of tree line consisted of dead trees and weeds. Ummm...
A big ole' truck needed for those big ones!

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