Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring Break

We are all back into the swing of things coming off of spring break from last week.
Jason and I were in Costa Rica for a company incentive trip and the boys had their babysitter here doing SO much fun stuff. They went to a children's museum, a Brewer game, a movie and the zoo! They had a blast for sure, and they stayed healthy which was giving me the chance to relax a little more while being away.
We enjoyed our trip away, but it was a quick 3 days there with the other 2 days committed to travel to get there and back. It was great to see the ocean and sun again!

We are already doing preparations for summer school and first grade for the boys this month. We have the boy's IEP meetings over the next week to make their plans for first grade. I'm pretty sure how Brady's will go, but I'm not totally sure how Jax's will go. Brady was recommended for the 'extended school year speech therapy' again this summer. Only students who would regress without the summer therapy qualify for this program. We planned on putting the boys in some fun summer school courses, so Jay and I had to figure out Brady's schedule since he'll be pulled out for 30 mins of therapy. Otherwise it's all FUN classes for them since neither need extra help in reading or math. I'm wondering if I should find something OT related for Jax and his writing, but I hate to pile on the therapies over summer since he does have feeding therapy each week too. I'll have to see what the options are where he takes feeding.

The boys are signed up for Dr Seuss Galore, Science experiments and Playground games. They'll attend each morning for the first 6 weeks of summer, which makes childcare a little easier until August. They're pumped for these fun classes, which are for FIRST graders... so weird to think of them as that when June comes :)

Jason brought the boys an Air Force One and limo kit from DC. The boys like to play "protect President Obama" with it - too cute!

Jax learning to work hard at a shake - he usually doesn't have enough power to do it!

First Bunny photo on a whim - they were SO pumped! And the only kids not dressed up :)

I will miss these nights some day...

An intense game of Guess Who.

Egg hunt and basket search on Easter morning!

They found them in the basement bathroom shower!

TOTALLY spoiled this year since we wanted to leave them with some fun stuff to keep busy while we were gone. I pulled everything out for a photo and they're DYING for the photo to be DONE!

This wrestling championship belt will be a toy-staple for a LONG time around here...

Jay and I loving a mariachi band in Costa Rica during dinner one night.

Our favorite hidden lunch spot down the beach on our last afternoon. Lola's!

Home and the boys are SO happy! Brady wore his pirate costume every moment for the entire weekend.

Brady's second tooth is out!

What a nice "helpful" dad... he's just holding the tissue up because it's bleeding here.

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