Thursday, June 18, 2015

Kindy is over and some growth charts from the Endo

Kindergarten is officially over and we have FIRST graders!

Brady cried off and on the entire night when he came home since he didn't want it to end. They are definitely ready for the next year academically, so it's TIME! Their report cards make me beam with pride - not just academically, but their dispositions of joy they bring to their classes. I hope they stay this way forever. And I really hope they both get first grade teachers who keep their love of school alive.

They will start up morning summer-school next week - although we leave for a trip up to Washington Island for 4 days for a family wedding, so they only hit one day of it. This week Jax had his Endocrinology followup and he has his Feeding/GI followup on Friday. He continues feeding therapy weekly throughout summer, and Brady will get 2 days of speech therapy at summer school through July. The therapy sessions are dwindling down to ONE each over the summer - that's progress!

The Endocrinologist was VERY happy with Jax's growth. We last saw him the day Jax checked out of the hospital, so the doc asked a lot of questions pertaining to that and did a full physical on him. I'm never sure how his growth is since he doesn't seem to be gaining on Brady in height and is shortest in his class. The doc asked if we thought Brady was growing a lot and I could definitely say YES, I feel like he's growing leaps and bounds. The doc said Jax is too if he's keeping up the same height-difference to him. I mean... I guess that makes sense!

The doc said his weight has definitely gained as well, but he'll let the Feeding/GI team address that since he's definitely still underweight for height, but it's not off too much since he is... short :)
He hasn't hit the growth chart yet, but he's definitely the closest to it that he's been since the age of 2 before he fell off the charts (he and Brady used to be 5-10% together between 12-18 months).
So, we adjusted his meds with the growth and we'll stay the course!
I'll update after the Feeding/GI appointment on Friday. I have a feeling they'll have some opinions after recent medical events happened since the last followup - he NEEDS to weigh a certain amount so he can handle illness. Even a pound would do wonders - we'll see what they say.

Brady with his speech therapist Mrs Thieme.
Last day of school!

Brady with his teacher (and a sweatshirt that never made it home - grr).

Some of the boys.

We had a hibachi-dinner that night to celebrate and Brady wanted a food-journey recorded (THIS KID!) Here he is enjoying salad and mushroom soup (blech).

Here he is enjoying the taste of lobster and shrimp (blech, lol)

And here he tried mushrooms, which  he thought he loved for a moment, but after the second one decided they weren't for him.

Yup, Jax PET the fish (with the mustache as he calls it).

Early Saturday morning baseball.

Our friends had a baby boy named Owen last week.

The boys are horrible at holding up a newborn!

First day of summer vacation and this happened in the first hour (sigh).
Workbooks each morning to stay out of therapy!

SO close to hitting the height chart!

Still need some work for the weight, but headed in the right direction

One of the teeth that Jax had ground down to the nerves. We had him work on it every day to get it out and here it is hanging. Daddy got it out with the promise of a new game app - it's OUT! Oddly, his smile looks no different since his tooth was so worn down to begin with! Let the buck teeth begin...

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Matt & Shana said...

I've ben reading your blog from the beginning and I cannot believe that they are going into first grade!! I'm sure it is difficult for you to see because you are so close to it but they have come so far and it is lovely to see in pictures and to read about :) You are amazing just wanted you to know!!